Birthday celebrations are meant to remember the years of a life well spent. Although life’s journey is not buttery smooth, there are yet a few key checkpoints in everyone’s life. One of those is when you reach your 70th birthday. And, of course, when the occasion is so special, your invitations must also be.

If you’re struggling with ideas to design your 70th birthday invitations, which is probably also the reason you’re here, we have something for you. Perhaps, it would be better to let you delve into these creative ideas to design your 70th birthday invitations with photos.

1. Keep A Party Invite Theme

One of the best and also the easiest ways for hosting a party is following a theme. You can, however, take it a step further and integrate the theme with your party invites. For example, if you plan for a superhero theme, including some superhero figures into your party invite would be a great design. It would help you, as a host, convey the theme and also grab the attention of your invitees more easily.

2. Include 70 Year Journey

Since you are celebrating your 70th birthday, it would make a lot of sense to include a photo journey of your life in your invitation card. You need not include every photo, obviously. But, rather choose some key events of your life. For example, your first child memory, your first bike ride, your first pool party with your friends, and so on. The list could be endless, and all you need to do is make a journey using these photographs. It would, moreover, help your invitees understand the importance of their presence in your life. And it needs not to be mentioned, everyone likes to feel important to someone.

3. Personalized Photo Inclusions

If photo-journey is not your thing, perhaps you can make your party invites more personalized for your invitees. You can create some avatars from the pictures you and your guest have together. Including these avatars in and as your 70th birthday invitations with photos would make your guests feel special. It would give them a sense of personal bond that you have with them.

4. Create A Guest Collage

Another good idea would be to include a photo collage into your invitation card. This would help your guests feel special and connected and save you a lot of money. Of course, creating custom invitations, personalized for each of your guests would mean that you have to spend a lot of time and money.

5. Make It About You ‘Coz It’s Your 70th Birthday

Last but not least, is you can make your birthday party invitation card all about yourself. Of course, it’s not every day that you cross the 70-year milestone and get to celebrate your birthday with your favorite people. So, why not make it memorable for yourself. Get yourself some happy selfies and include them in your invitation card. You can even try and impose some emojis to make content more exciting and inviting for your guests.

The sole purpose of designing a party invite is to gather your favorite people together. However, if you could make this boring and formal activity into something your guests would love to be a part of, there’s nothing better than it.