For decades, we have mined and drilled the Earth searching for nature’s most valuable assets. We have torn and ripped at the Earth to take possession of gold, diamonds and oil. As a species, we have killed each other and waged countless wars over ownership of these glorious, shimmering elements of nature. In our technological age, many people believe that the most precious resource is electronic data. Even a list of email addresses can be likened to a pot of gold.

The reality of course is that these things are far from the most precious resource on Earth. Their value is simply a point of perspective. A perspective where we can have a varied view of what is meant by precious. To many, precious means monetary value and that is fine but it does mean that these things are only precious in our culture. What about other Human cultures and the wider universe? Is it possible for something to be so valuable that it transcends our own concept of value?

So now let’s ask again. What’s the most precious resource on Earth? The answer is startlingly and wonderfully obvious. In fact, it’s been staring us in the face for centuries.

Physics – the Human science created to understand the universe – tells us and has provided evidence of the theory of the ‘Big Bang’. The very moment the Universe came into existence.

You know the story… In the milliseconds after the very first moment, all the building blocks of life were present, to the creation of stars and all the elements. When Physicists tell us that we are made from Star dust they mean just that. The universal reality is undeniable, we are simply a cocktail of natural elements forged from dying stars over billions of years, just like trees, elephants, pandas, ants, eagles, grass, dogs, giraffes, sharks and spiders. Everything you see is made up of the natural elements created from ancient stars. The chair you are sat in to the car you drive to work and the plane you take on holiday and the device you are reading these words on.

Now consider these words and where they come from. The formation of the language to the invention of the computer I am writing them on and which is delivering them directly to you. From the ‘big bang’ to you reading these words is an extraordinary journey which involved the creation of surely the single most precious object in the known universe. An object that allows us to not only exist but also to perform these wondrously creative tasks.

Is it not blindingly obvious? Can you now see with absolute clarity what’s the most precious resource on Earth?

The truth is as bright as the supernovas that created us. In the modern age, there is no more precious resource than the Human Mind. To be more specific, our innate capacity for imagination and creativity.

Many people will valiantly and quite earnestly declare that we are no better than any other life form and perhaps even believe that we are no more important than the rest of the animal kingdom. Firstly, ‘importance’ is another human concept and secondly, the very fact that we can have such laudable eco centric world views and can discuss it, undeniably sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom and all other known life forms. We can debate this and argue amongst ourselves for all eternity but we must understand that the very fact that we are debating it proves the very fact that we are debating. The debate is the proof. The fundamental truth is that we are all capable of remarkable acts of innovation and creativity and it is this ability that is more valuable and precious than anything else in the known Universe.

How wondrous it is that nature has created a creature with a mind that is so magnificent that it can not only understand itself but also the origin of itself. The miracle of the human mind, the greatest invention in the known Universe. The very vehicle that enables the Universe to understand itself!

Our minds are the greatest evolutionary creation. Consider it, and as you do, realise that it is your ability to ‘consider it’ that once again proves the point.

The human mind is the only object in the known Universe capable of understanding the Universe itself. This is our purpose. Since humans first became conscious we have been on a battle to reach understanding. We are now in a position where we understand our true origin and can accept that we are made from the same elements of all life. The Human mind is the pinnacle of evolution and as such it is possibly the greatest asset in the known Universe. If that is too big a leap for us we can at least chunk it down and accept that it must surely be the most precious resource on our tiny planet.

Science has shown that the human mind has innate creativity and the ability to learn and solve problems. As such, it stands virtually all Human Beings have the unlimited potential to create the innovative solutions that can solve the challenges we face.

Consider the volume of wondrous minds sacrificed over ownership of a planet that we believe to be ours to fight over. How many minds have been lost through neglect and the abuse of human egocentric power. Does it not seem like madness when you see it through the sharp focused lens of a universal reality? I mean the true Universal reality not just the twisted human reality we paradoxically create for ourselves using our ingeniously creative minds.

How many of those lost minds and souls held the solutions to the challenges we face? We kill the greatest resource on Earth to possess substances that have a false value and were never ours to begin with. Once we can accept the innate creativity and infinite imaginations of all human minds and can see each human mind as holding the glorious potential we seek, we can truly see the tragic state we have created but also the hope we represent.

We are not separate from nature but part of nature. We must accept that we are the most precious resource on Earth and make peace with ourselves and our innate abilities so we can begin the work that is needed. Try it when you observe other people. Try not to see them as their gender, race, colour, or creed. See them merely as a fragile organic vehicle transporting a precious cargo held within the protective casing of the human skull. Why else would the side of the head be called the temple? Try and understand the very creative potential held within each one of those minds and the wondrous possibilities contained within. We have almost eight billion living breathing vehicles give or take a few, all transporting the most precious resource on Earth. The law of averages tells us that between those eight billion minds we can undoubtedly solve all the challenges we face to live in harmony and collaboration with each other and the very nature that created us. A nature that continues to hold us in its magical embrace.

But how can this be implemented in our everyday lives at work and at home? What difference can we make in our existing culture? When all is said and done, what difference can anyone really make?

My message to the employers, educators and parents is to begin by embracing the basic reality of our existence. We must find the courage and strength to trust and empower the amazing assets that are both around us and within us. Collectively we must lift our heads from the mire of inertia and cultural indifference and begin to see our employees, students and children for what they truly are – miraculous beings in possession of the most precious resource on Earth. Each one capable, given the opportunity, of accessing an imagination as vast as the universe itself. An imagination and a creative ability that can produce remarkable innovative solutions. We must collaborate and find a way to give ourselves and each other the space to release the unlimited potential held within our creative minds. Once we succeed, we’ll all benefit from the resulting sense of wellbeing and thrive through the infinite possibilities that we’ll undoubtedly discover.

This is our potential. The billions of years of universal nuclear fusion has concocted a tiny world in a minute fraction of space that we call home. Our world has given us life and given us the space to foster our wondrous abilities. Now is time to return the favour. The universe has given us the opportunity and the ability to open our eyes to the fundamental reality of our existence so we can move onwards through the use our innate and magical creativity.

By harnessing this ability, we can transcend old, outdated cultural narratives that restrict our natural talents. If we can begin to give each other the time and space to engage with these fantastic abilities we can then begin to become empowered to create the organisations that will enable us to solve the global challenges we have created.