Parties are a great way to spend time with friends and family. It doesn’t have to be a holiday, birthday or any other occasion for a party to be worth the effort. The right crowd is a crucial step for success, but there are other things a party planner should remember to keep every guest entertained and waiting eagerly for the next event.

Load Their Plates

Have plenty of food and beverages available the moment the guests arrive. Not only do people like to eat, but the act of carrying a plate or a glass can give nervous guests something to do while they become comfortable. Keep all food and drinks flowing through the night. Don’t feel an obligation to serve a large meal or decadent desserts. Just make certain there are enough options for everyone to find something they like.

Remember to supply a variety of choices at parties that include a buffet-style meal or that have more than just snacks and sweets. Offer alternatives for people with food allergies and for vegans and vegetarians. Remember that these items shouldn’t sit directly next to other foods where cross-contamination can occur.

Play Some Music

Everyone loves music. In fact, psychologists understand the therapeutic value of music. The right songs or melodies can help to relieve stress, encourage listeners to recall memories and just make people feel good. Not everyone loves the same types of music, so select a diverse party playlist. If you play an instrument, that’s a great way to entertain as well. Getting a good digital piano could be a great investment for your entertainment arsenal.

Choose a spot for the speakers or for dancing that is away from the seating and conversation area. The gap will enable people to continue to socialize without the need to shout over the music. Avoid blocking the path to the restroom or to the food or beverage tables.

Choose a Theme

People choose themes when they plan parties for children because it is fun. A theme is a way to give permission to everyone to act silly. Choose a theme that appeals to you and goes overboard with it. Include the theme in the food, decorations and games and more. Companies like Party Fairy make it very easy to find coordinated items and can even become a source of inspiration if you do not have a theme idea yet.

Adult party themes don’t have to be based on superheroes or princesses, although they can be. Consider a western theme, an 80s prom night or a masquerade party. The theme can even be something entirely absurd like the British Tarts and Vicars party seen in the movies or another unusual combination like Barbarians and Librarians.

Play Some Games

Again, this type of entertainment is not just for children. Games help people to get to know each other, to relax and to have fun. Never make the games a mandatory activity for all guests. Shy or grouchy invitees will probably want to join eventually. If not, most will find enough entertainment by watching the behavior of the others who do take part. Choose unoffensive, family-friendly games to avoid unintentionally upsetting a guest.

A party does not have to be a complex or expensive event. However, it does have to be fun if the party thrower wants to have anyone attend their next gathering. A few fun extras and some great music and delicious food can create an atmosphere that keeps very busy, happy and entertained.