The ties we make at work are far more treasured than the relations we develop in our personal or social circle. The professional cronies could be helpful beyond our general expectations especially when we need a suggestion, a shoulder to cry on, a pat to muster our courage, an ear, a useful/handy resource, an observer, a confidante even a shrink or motherly figure to boss us around.

The hours spent at office are productive in every sense, keeping in sight, the countless diverse experiences, views, opinions, resources along with strong suggestions, perky comments, and a bunch of assorted personalities, keep you afloat in every thick and thin. As Henry Ford once said: “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

Take benefit of every opportunity

Offices with collective lunch hour, open meetings or voluntary positions on managerial or administrative teams, bring more chances to mingle and kill the stress of your work load, which is why ‘you must not hesitate to accept the offers more than often’. Such instances help you connect and bud new friendships in your work place and working circles, giving you a massive opportunity to take advantage of the diversity of the situations.

Escape nonsense nattering

Jabbering about loud phone call of your boss with his wife, while standing amongst the office cubicles, may seem like a non-proffering topic to strike a conversation but the wise step is to neither initiate such a gossip nor participate in it as it can be most detrimental to your potential friendships. You will only end up earning a bad name for yourself therefore, you must not ‘be involved in any office gossip’.

Lunch hour could be fruitful

When you are always crowded with your fellow staff members, one must feel like taking a break away from them all and hide away or leave for an alone meal outside the office. But stop! Take a slow step towards out, drop by to fellow cubicles, share a word or discuss the progress of their work load, even asking after their close relative’s health or their holiday plans could be a smart move to gather much about your colleagues in an unofficial manner.

Stay helpful

When you have a command over any project or office case, and your colleague writes you up, seeking your advice or suggestion, stay cool and take it as an opportunity. Drop by their department office and show your kind side by coming in person to help and build a bond. While resolving the issue or guiding them further, ask about their general progress or difficulties and then distract them from their work pressures and help them feel light about their decision of seeking help from you in the first place

Take your colleague for outing

A hearty discussion over a cup of coffee is the best medicine to all the stress budding the best friendships of all times. The best relaxation you can offer your colleague is to whirl them out of the office atmosphere to kill the stress and burden of all the cases, down to zero. When they are out with you for a freshening up session they are more open towards building a bond with you. Use it well and try making it a habit.

Mutual interests

Another massive way to form the best alliance at the work place is to find common interests with your colleagues. Your interests can build for you a strong connection with your colleagues. You can share the things or details of your interest and being on the same ground, you comprehend each other perfectly and it becomes your secret code of understanding.

Stay professional when one turns against you

The best attitude towards a turned back is to stay professional and calm. When you are yearning to make the best of alliances, you may come across a person who doesn’t agree with you on anything. The best way to handle that is to be civil and stay composed. Remember, your image is for you to save.