If you know that your home is about to need a new roof, or you are considering a big change to the appearance of your home, you will want to consider a modern roof style. This can elevate the appearance and presence of your home a lot with this one change. Roofing is critical to the structure of your home and you can greatly impact the appearance of your home with your roof as well.

Roof styles change over time, sometimes due to practicality and sometimes due to popular trends. Your home might not be constructed in a way that will allow for all roofing types to be added to it, but there are so many styles of roofing out there that you will be able to find many different options for your needs. There are many ways to see all of your possible roof options on your home with current design software and this can also help you to choose the right roofing for your needs with ease. However, it’s also important to make sure that those options are of the best quality and you have a good roofing contractor.

If you are ready to learn more about the roofing styles that you can use for your home, you need to read on!

Modern Roofing Style Ideas for your Home

1. A Shed Roof

This is an ultra-modern roofing style that allows your home to gain style and presence as soon as it is added. These are often industrial looking rooflines that are also made with tin or metal and materials that would be used in more commercial or industrial buildings. The roof line of this kind of building is often full of flat planes and sharp angles.

Shed roof lines will not always work in places that get a lot of snow or rain, and some older homes will not be able to be converted to this roof style. You will find that this roofing design is very flexible and this can make it a great choice for almost any home style. You might even find that you will save a lot of money on this style of roof since this roof does not require shingles and other expensive materials.

2. Flat Roof

Flat roof lines are very common in modern buildings. This is seen a lot in places like California and often is used for apartment buildings or school and business buildings. You can use this roofline for many kinds of buildings and as long as the drainage is done correctly, this roof type is very practical. This kind of roof makes a building appear stark and minimal as well as very modern.

big white house flat roof

Flat rooflines can be prone to drainage issues and might not work well in places that get a lot of snow, but you will find that there are not many places where a flat roof is not a good choice. This is a very practical and very stake roofline that can elevate your home to a whole new look with ease.

3. A Bonnet Roof

This is a traditional roof style in some ways, but it offers a lot of advantages that can be useful in any home. It is still a simple and minimal roofline and this makes it modern and practical at the same time. This is the kind of roof that you might need to choose if you have an older home that you are trying to modernize. You will get room for attic spaces with this roof type and it can readily be custom-made to older housing styles.

Bonnet rooflines are still in use for many new homes that are being built today and this is part of why they still feel fresh and modern. You will be able to pick this roof for many different kinds of homes and it can be covered with many different roofing products as well.

4. Butterfly Roof

This is a really modern and exciting roofline that you can add to some homes. This roof type appears like wings that are spreading open from the center. This is a light and airy kind of roof that can be used with metal roofing materials with ease.

This roof makes for more natural light in a home as well as making a big statement in the appearance of the home. The lightness of this roof makes the house look like it is going to fly away into the sky with exuberance. This is also a roof line that is easy to provide drainage for which makes the roof style a fitting option for many different locations around the world. This is one of the more modern and extreme rooflines out there and yet it is very effective at handling moisture and challenges of weather.

5. Combination Roof

This is a common modern roof style that is being used in many suburban homes these days. This roofline immediately makes your home look new and fresh and exciting. This is a spin on an older home roof with a modern twist.

You will get a lot of great benefits from this roof style and it can handle tough weather and other challenges. You will be able to trust this roofline to take care of your home even in wind, snow, and heavy rains. A combination roof is a very wonderful addition to any home that needs a little facelift.

A Modern Roof Can Improve your Home’s Appearance

Modern rooflines are a great way to change the overall feel of your home and elevate it to a new and exciting appearance. Newer roof styles can also perform a lot better than older roof styles and this can be a great way to make your home fresh and special looking again. If your home needs a facelift, the roof that you choose for your home can make a big difference.

Rooflines are key to the appearance of a home and a modern roofline can make all the difference in the way that your home looks, feels, and the kind of light it gets each day. Adding a more modern roof can make your home like new and better than ever.