Is there anything more annoying than a leaking shower head? A leaking shower head can be incredibly annoying because of the constant sound of drops hitting the ground of the shower and because of the leak you can suffer from higher water bills because that kind of shower head is truly water wasting.

If you want to know how to repair your best rainfall shower head from leaking you should read the article below where I will be describing the steps how to do it.

Take these simple steps to fix a leaking shower head:

  1. We don’t want to have a flood in our bathroom while fixing the shower head and that’s is why we need to turn off the main source of water first.
  2. To prevent the flood, we should put a towel or something under the shower stall in case there will be some water leaking or just in case you drop a tool, and the towel will protect the shower basis or your bathtub.
  3. Usually, the problems arise between the pipe and the shower head. There are 2 different scenarios of the leak. If the source of the leak is on the wall, you cannot do anything by yourself. You need to call a professional to do it, and you should do that quickly because if you wait too long, there can be even more damage. The second scenario is that the source of the leak is between the pipe and the shower head. You can repair this by yourself without a problem. When you start fixing it, you should unscrew the shower head and remove it from the pipe.
  4. Now it is time to remove the black rubber gasket which is located inside the head, and you should check if it is still okay. This black rubber needs to be replaced in case if it is gooey, brittle or the color is disintegrating. If you don’t know which one to buy to replace you can simply bring the old one to the store and the salesman in the store will be able to help you faster.
  5. You’ve removed the rubber, and you can now check the surface beneath. If it is dirty now, it is the perfect time to clean the shower head, and for that, the easiest way to reach those surfaces is to use an old toothbrush or a brush which is small enough. For more natural cleaning, you will need to soak the brush in a mixture of water and vinegar, let it soap, and after maybe 2 hours you will be able to rinse off the mixture and dry out the device.
  6. Now, when the surface is perfectly cleaned we can out in the new gasket, and we have to make sure it is perfectly fitting, and that is firmly put inside.
  7. For next step, we will need a strip of Teflon tape. Carefully wrap it around the threads of the shower head but be careful that you don’t tape it beyond the threads. You will need to wrap it around twice.
  8. And now it is time for three finish steps. First, you need to screw the head back to the pipe, and we need to be careful doing that because it mustn’t be screwed too tight but just right. You have to do that will a “feeling”.
  9. Turn on the water source.
  10. Time to test the result. I recommend that you turn it on and off few times just to be completely sure there are no more leaks.

If you see there is still a source of leaking that probably isn’t the shower heads fault. The source can be misplaced gasket or maybe tape not wrapped correctly, or even you will need to buy a new shower head because you maybe have a shower head which is already done their job and it is too old. Or call a professional company to do the work for you and stop the leakage.