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Want to share your life moments with our readers? We’re always looking for posts that provide an unique and useful perspective over life, events and personal matters. Feel free to contribute on any topic you like.

Guest Blog Post Guidelines

Headline: Be sure to include a headline / post title.

Length: We don’t impose a minimum length for your post, the story is more important than length. Still please make sure the story is relevant to readers and contains enough and useful information, so the best thing is to add as many pieces of information and points of view as possible in your article. We really want our readers to benefit from reading the articles published here.

Content: Write with the reader in mind. Assume the reader is busy and has a short attention span. Start with a brief set-up that hooks the reader. Then organize the rest in segments. Short paragraphs and eventually headings within the article make it easier to read.

Previously published: Be sure to let us know if the story has been published or submitted elsewhere.

Authorship: Be sure to include an author bio, two to three sentences. If you’re not the author, tell us who’s the author those post you’re recommending and your relationship to the author of that article.

Credit: We respect individual work and if your story is derivative of someone else’s work, feel free to give them credit. The same applies to images, see below.

Images: It’s great to include images to illustrate the points in your story. But please only include your own images, photography that you have rights to use or that are available under creative commons license. Be sure to include image credits and links (for us to double check). Do not include images to which you have not secured the rights. If you are using your own images, note that. If you use an image from a photo licensing service such as AP, Getty, or Shutterstock, note the source and include the name and email address of your representative so we can verify that you have rights to the image. You are solely responsible for obtaining these rights and by submitting a post, you represent and warrant to LifeIsAnEpisode that you have done so. If you don’t provide images and/or the information requested above, we will publish one (or more) based on our understanding of your story and our picture library.

Editing: We reserve the right to edit the article to a greater or lesser extent, including changes in the text, subheads and headline, to improve readability and maximize the web traffic for the articles published on our blog. Our policy is to give guest post authors a chance to review our edits before posting when possible, but we retain final editorial control.

Payment: We don’t pay for guest posts.

Self-promotion: Authors have the chance of a link back to their own personal blogs. So you are free to add the URL of your personal blog. Also provide links to your social media profile pages. Any other backlinks within the post are subject to our consideration. See the below section Advertising / Vendor Sponsored Posts for more details.

Advertising / Vendor Sponsored Posts

If you’re a company looking to write about a problem for which your company offers a solution or about any area in which you have a vested interest, your story might qualify as advertising / sponsored post rather than a guest post. If assessed as advertising, please note the link(s) will contain a rel=”nofollow” tag as per Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. To speak to us about advertising / sponsored post opportunities, please write us at: contact [@] lifeisanepisode [.] com

Accepting Guest Posts

We’ll respond as quickly as we can to your submission, but due to time constraints, we aren’t always able to provide feedback on rejected stories. We usually publish the accepted articles within three business days. If you don’t hear from us in that time, please assume that we will not publish your post.

After you get published on the future of our collaboration depends on you. Sending us more stories will make you a constant contributor and an author on this website. If you find it relevant and useful, feel free to contribute more.

Submit A Guest Post

Send an email to contact [@] lifeisanepisode [.] com containing

– Your blog post title
– Your blog post content
– Photo (optional, min 900px width)
– Previously published? Yes/No
– If previously published, where? (URL)
– Your name
– Your personal blog URL (optional)
– Your personal bio (approx. 80 words / 480 characters)
– Your email address
– Your phone number (optional)
– Your Skype username (optional)
– Your photo
– Your social media profile pages (optional)

Looking forward to your blog post!

Guest Post Ideas/Topics For Authors

As already mentioned, feel free to contribute on any topic you like. Still, if you haven’t decided yet on a topic, here are some ideas for your inspiration. Please note these are not topics that get priority, they are listed here as examples: advertising, artists, automotive, beauty, books, business, cars, community, content marketing, customer experience, education, engineering, enterprise, family, fashion, finance, first aid, fitness, food, health, health insurance, home improvement, home security, internet marketing, jewelry, law, life insurance, link building, marketing, mom, mortgage, movies, music, network, nursery, outfits, packaging, parenting, personal development, personal finance, photography, pregnancy, property, relationships, royal, small business, strategy, taxes, technology, tips, traditions, travel, web design, websites, wedding, weekend, wordpress.

Benefits Of Guest Blogging

Website Traffic
One of the most sought after benefits of guest blogging is the traffic it delivers to writers’ websites, from the blog posts published.

Domain Authority & Visibility on Search Engines
Guest posting also helps you to build domain authority for your website. It often delivers authoritative backlinks to your website and blog, thus enhancing your visibility on search engines.

Online Influence
Guest posting is a great way to impact the lives of other people. You have a point and you present it through what you write and offer to your audience. Sometimes what you post will contribute to other people’s decisions on similar matters. Some other times they will read and nearly forget until the very moment they need the information you previously provided. There will be moments your guest post will act as a puzzle piece in a lot more complicated situation. Anyway, publishing is giving – your expertise, your knowledge, your wisdom. Use it wisely!

Developing Your Authority
Willing to become esteemed in your niche? With the help of guest posting you can easily connect yourself with various top bloggers and influencers in your expertise area. When people start coming across your name on various websites and blogs, they will start giving you the respect you deserve, and probably expect.

Portfolio & Credibility, Exposure & Brand Awareness
Publish guest posts to build a portfolio of your writing. Do it frequently to increase your exposure and brand awareness. People in your industry will start asking you for your advice. You get people’s attention and interest while building reliability and credibility.

Social Media Fan Base
Always include links to your social media profiles, in your guest post or in your bio. Even if you (currently) don’t really feel like needing getting subscribers or social media traffic, guest posts offer an excellent opportunity to build your own personal social media awareness online, to increase your Facebook or Twitter follower fan base.