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Life Is An Episode is an online magazine and blog focused on offering independent news and articles, being free of bias and also sticking to high editorial standards. We publish news, satire, blogs, as well as original content and deal with entertainment, lifestyle, culture, humor, healthy living, women’s interests, environment, technology and even local news, less politics and business. Today we aim to become one of the sought after site in which a lot of folks look on to for authentic information.

Life Is An Episode continues to grow from a must-read blog to one of the most popular, dependable and compelling sites in online journalism and blogging. We also aim becoming your source for suggestions to help improve all facets of your life.

Life Is An Episode has been approved by a lot of important newspapers, periodicals and internet publications, and іѕ regularly updated with соntеnt articles bу a grоuр оf соntrіbutоrѕ who wіѕh tо make уоur lіfе аѕ frісtіоn-frее аѕ possible.

Our vision

Life is an Adventure… Dare it.
Life is a Love… Enjoy it.
Life is a Tragedy… Face it.
Life is a Struggle… Fight it.
Life is a Promise… Fulfill it.
Life is an Episode… Live it.

About our company

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