The time of the year that asks for the outerwear to rescue you from the chilliness in the wind and crisp echoes of air, none other than winter. Who doesn’t want to be warm against the high odds of the chilly days and most particularly the nights. A warmer jacket, coat, muffler, sweatshirt and sweaters are all the wide options that can help us live through the cold winters starting from chilly winds to snow blizzards.

If you have picked the right option for yourself than the best thing is to not only cope through the wintry weather but to actually enjoy it wearing your chosen style, looking dazzling and at max, a cup of coffee!

People like to have different options to pass through their winters with style, elegance and warmth which lets them stay cozy and yet dress up as per the occasion. One of the trendy and comfy options that has admiration of many, is the Puffer Jacket.

About the Puffer Jacket

Puffer jacket, also known as Puffa jacket, is generally sewn in the quilt design with sections which are separated by seams. These sections have synthetic material in them that keeps the jacket very light weight and provides the warmth against the winters. It is a hit because in winters when we dress up, the clothes weigh our shoulders down because of the weight of the clothing but his Puffa jacket is extremely light and children love it most of all.

The idea of these jackets was presented in 1970s by Penny Rogers who was a British designer and who made these quilt shape puffy jackets to keep her family safe from the chilly winds and cold nights of the Britain.

The original Puffa jacket has many types and forms.

  • It is down or fiber filled
  • It is in reversible gilet with many trendy color options
  • It has zip on the front and in some trendy styles on the side
  • It generally offers 2 pockets on front
  • It comes with our without hood
  • It is rainproof, water repellent
  • It has 100% Nylon material, polyester filled are available too
  • Shouldn’t be dry cleaned rather could be washed at the 30°C in machine
  • Not to be ironed or bleached
  • Follows accurately the standard measurement charts for men, women and children

Style & Fashion

When it was introduced, it was a simple medium of warmth provider designed in the shape of a quilt but today it has taken up the industry because of its massive variety.

The styles of the jackets are many, ranging from long coats to vests, hoodies and short stylish jackets. Some offer you extra puffy quilting and some have faux fur to make it smooth and more comfy for you. The down jackets are the mostly bought and used type of the Puffa Jackets which are quite handy in keeping you warm while you are performing your outdoor activities. It helps you cope up with the chilly winds outside and while you are travelling.

The Puffa jackets have a vast variety to cater to every need as per event, style and for the differing temperatures also.

Accurate Fitting

The most crucial factor when you are choosing a wearable piece of clothing is its fitting. If your dress, jacket or any clothing piece fits you poorly than neither will you be happily wearing it, regardless of its endless advantages, nor will it be having any decent look on you. Puffa jackets are designed for all assorted sizes and fittings but you need to give a conscious look when you are buying it (especially online). It is most accurately sewn as per the measured estimation and one must be choosing it while trying it on to see its fitting, preferably.

Quality and Material of Puffa Jacket

Since Puffa jackets are available in many types and forms, another versatility is the way it is filled, to provide you with the warmth and easiness of being light weight.

Some of them are filled with ‘down’ which means it has feather of goose or duck in it and some are filled with the synthetic fibers. Both help to provide the insulation that you need but the down jackets are warmer then the synthetically filled Puffa jackets with fiber in them.

The material and quality of a down jacket has more weightage because of its durability and the ability of providing more warmth. It is much popular because of its denser amount of down in it, even though it may turn out as a little more expensive than a fiber filled puffy jacket but it bears many seasons before wearing out. It may also be a better option to be worn in wet weather as it will keep you more protected against rain, fog, snow, ice etc.

Why Is It Highly Recommended?

  1. Not only is this stylish, it is cost effective too
  2. Lighter than fleece
  3. Can be packed easily without making a big bulge
  4. After unpacking, bounces back quickly and doesn’t need ironing either
  5. Good against windy chills and even light downpour
  6. Versatile
  7. Has vast variety in forms and colors
  8. Easy to be cleaned or dry

Puffer jackets are highly recommended because they are the best means to protect yourself and your family against all the odds of the wintry weather. It is an actual quilt sewn together in the form of a jacket. They are puffy looking but have immensely accurate fittings options. Its various cuts and colors enhance your body shape, keeping your dress up elegant even in winters. It is light weight and so lets you try heavy dresses or layers below it should the temperatures go beyond bearable in blizzards. Unlike other jackets it offers vast variety in style, fashion and versatility be it its waist, collar or hood, it takes care of all ages and events. It is an easy recommendation even for parties and journeys across the country, with appropriate accessories to match up easily for a proper and prime look.

puffer jacket

It can also be recommended because it was and still is genuinely preferred by millions and has a history of such likeliness even by the royalty Princess Diana. This is also easily preferred in the event of games because of their flexibility.

This is a commendable garment that each of us should have for its countless benefits and endless multiple usages. The range that has now been introduced in the Puffer Jackets is remarkably trendy, elegant and classy.

Newly Launched Styles

Here are a few of the new arrivals around the industry in the Puffa jackets over the years:

  • The super light gilet: providing padded inners for warmth
  • The Martina: bestselling in premium style for coziness
  • The classic Union Puffa: great in styling details
  • Mia Parka: lined with faux fur it is one emphasized trim of classy style
  • Tiara jacket: offers bright colors in the iconic Puffer Jackets
  • Shearling shawl collar: gorgeous oversized longline bomber jacket

Tips to choose the best Puffa jacket

Since puffer jackets have an immense variety line with endless color and style options that could go with the occasion at hand be it a party, travelling, a family event, celebration or a glamour seeking night, one is bound to be confused while choosing a puffer jacket for himself. Here are a few recommendations we can provide you:

Find Yourself a Slim Fit

Previously all the Puffer jackets were bulky and huge bombers that in actual replaced a quilt. On a contrast, today there are massive design range that you can pick from and we recommend you to opt for a slim fit that enhances your body silhouette to give you warmth in winters without killing comprising elegance and trend.

Choose Your Color Wisely

What you can easily pick to match your entire wardrobe is the classic neutral colors like black and brown because you can wear them on top of all the colors and they blend in without an effort but if you are willing to pick many of the options available to match the variation of your entire wardrobe then you can go for navy blue, deep maroon, dark grey or army green. And if you want to be loud in your choice then you can even go for tiara jackets in bright colors and combinations.

Style yourself with a hoody

With a regular bomber variety, you might need a hat or a woolen cap to protect you from the cold and then you might have to go an extra mile to match it with your entire color scheme. To save yourself from such a long routine, we recommend you, to pick a hoody for yourself. The hoodies in Puffa jackets are very trendy and saves you from the wind and rain entirely. Some hoodies are even lines with faux fur which provide an insulation for your warm body.

Belt Your Waist

Puffer jackets that come with a belt are highly recommended to define your waistline for the stylish and glamorous look. Because the ones without it may look bulky in some indoor event and you will have to carry an additional wear by carrying a belt on top.

Go Short

A small and shorter in line Puffa jacket will be more welcoming for indoor activities and parties in winters. A shorter jacket that ends just above the hip line will neither need a belt nor will give you a cumbersome look. You will be showcasing your elegance and excellent choice by dressing up as per the event’s need and still staying properly warm.

Wear heels and accessories to match up

When you are wearing a tight skirt with leggings and a shorter jacket then all you need to give yourself a final finesse is the stilettos. Pick up an easy but fine cut heel for your night to spice up your entire look. If you are not wearing the jacket that comes with a waist belt than you can go for the beaded waist belt to perk up your suave and final look. Try carrying an elegant handbag or the sunglasses for the event to make your glamorous look enhance with every sun reflection.

puffa jacket