When you make your own home with all the love and care and put in all your savings then the last thing you would want is to leave it exposed to mold and mildew. They are nasty creepers that can appear in the most unexpected places and are extremely harmful for you and your family. As important as it is to remove them properly you cannot deal with these easily. They grow fast and soon become impossible to handle yourself. One way is to call the professional help and save your home and its inhabitants from these creepers and be safe but another way is to prevent it from growing in to impossible mess that you cannot handle yourself.

Here are three tips for you to observe regularly and put into practice to protect your home from mold and mildew.

Get Rid of Absorbent or Porous Materials in Your Home

You must throw out all the things that are spongy or absorbent as they are the basic reason for the mold and mildew to bloom well in your home. The main trait of mold and mildew is that they prefer wet and damp places and things. This will help you clean your home and protect you from its wildest effects and impossible to clean features. Look closely into every room, closet and even kitchen for the damp or moist objects or dusters and get rid of them at your earliest and then monitor it regularly that nothing like such can stay in your home. Clean those areas well which are now free from the damp materials and keep them dry with a blower or a vacuum cleaner.

Try Home Remedies

We tend to fall victim to the advertisements of the cleaning products that can completely wipe off mold and mildew from our home. But the best tip is to use home remedies such as solutions of warm water and bleach, Borax solution, ammonia, baking soda, vinegar and warm water. These are not only very effective but are also cost effective.

Regularly Clean Uncommon Places

The most useful and easily managed tip to get rid of mold and mildew is to regularly clean and vacuum your entire house especially the places and areas that are less used or cleaned. The most uncommon places like below the appliances, under the sink, kitchen counters and furniture, corners of the closets are the desired homes for the mold and mildew especially if you don’t clean them regularly.