Author: Emily Jones

Stress higher at home than at work?

A recent study reports that over half of workers experience a high rate of stress away from the office as they struggle to harmonize their work and home lives. Study prove that taking office work home might be very risky with connections to cardiovascular disease. In the study, wrist monitors were used to measure heart rates and it was discovered there are “spikes” in stress when people disrupt their time at home with office work, as reported by the Times. David Plans, a co-author of the research pronounced that the habit of always working is “destroying people”. He said:...

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The inaugural International Scotch Day

In honour of Scotland’s gift to the world, to the spirit that has long drawn people in through its status and style, the February 10th 2017 the inaugural International Scotch Day was celebrated worldwide. The day invited people everywhere to raise a glass of Scotch to celebrate a drink that’s made to be enjoyed with good company, wherever and whenever. Ronan Beirne, Global Marketing Director from Diageo commented, “Scotch is the world’s favourite whisky. No other spirit can offer the same range of tastes, textures and flavours; made the same way for over five hundred years in distilleries small...

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Millions of Brits Admit Being Bamboozled by Basic Car Maintenance

Millions of Brits have admitted being completely mystified by even the simplest car maintenance, a new survey has found. More than 4 in 10 motorists don’t know how to change a flat tyre, with 37% claiming they wouldn’t be able to find the spare wheel. 6 in 10 could not replace a bulb in a headlight, while almost a quarter (24%) were unable to refill an empty windscreen washer tank and 4 in 10 did not know how to check when tyres were worn beyond the legal limit. More than half of drivers admitted they were not confident in...

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2017 to Be the ‘Year of Eastern Europe’

Global travel deals publisher Travelzoo is forecasting 2017 to be the ‘Year of Eastern Europe’, with the region gaining popularity largely due to the shift in tourism away from other destinations that have been affected by acts of terror. The region is also appealing to British tourists concerned about the value of the British pound. Travelzoo deal experts say holidays in beautiful destinations such as Croatia and Bulgaria are on average 30% cheaper than ever-popular southern coastal Spain this year. Travelzoo predicts the Eastern European region will continue to grow in popularity throughout 2017. Spain, the USA, France and...

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UK office workers don’t have enough time to perform primary job duties

A survey released today by Workfront found that office workers are spending large portions of the work day on things other than what they were hired to do; only 38% of their day was spent on their primary job duties. The study also revealed that the top three things that got in the way of work included: wasteful meetings (62%), excessive emails (52%), and excessive oversight (39%). Not surprisingly, nearly one third of workers (32%) stated their feelings about attending meetings could be best described with a sad face, angry face or poo emoji. “Meetings and email are a...

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