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How to amuse and feed your intellect

Education is constant over the phase of our life. Our institutes teach us how to make use of the education and although our schooling ends our learning process doesn’t. Our mind needs the food of thoughts to nibble on or brainstorm on various things going on in our lives to come up with the best decisions. Eating food for our body is important, likewise we need to feed our mind to increase our intellect. Here are the best known brainfood ideas that can amuse your mind into working hard and enhance your intellect. Go to the theatre Comedy theatre...

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How big is your smile?

Twice a year, at least twice a year we should visit the dentist. Why? Well, prevention is always cheaper than fixing problems. Periodic visits to dentist will allow the doctor to examine our teeth in detail and see if there are any cracks or cavities, if the gums are okay, if there are other signs that should worry us. If we have plumbs or implants, the doctor will check them out and tell us if it is the case to worry or if it is appropriate to intervene on them. We shouldn’t be afraid of the dentist, in the...

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Tips for organizing your garage

Garage is a space in your home that adds to your advantage. But unfortunately, like many families around the globe, you tend to start dumping everything in your garage and it becomes more of a store room then a car garage and has every ordinary thing stored in here apart from your vehicles and their accessories. When things are discarded in an extra space up and down, they obviously take more space than is required. So, all you need is to set things in order, to give your vehicles their owed space. Give it a methodical change in about...

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Dating an extrovert

Talking to an introvert always makes you delighted about the fact that you are an extrovert. Being an extrovert you neither fear the general expectations of people nor do you care about them. People stereotypically have false biases about extroverts and tend to often mix rude with extrovert but that is not the case. Even if you are tattling non-stop that doesn’t make you an extrovert either. An extrovert is simply how you naturally take in the world, process it in your mind & heart and then respond to it. A round or square definition about an extrovert is...

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6 tips for successfully working from home

In this fast pace world, most people only want to earn and earn well. You have to cover a certain degree for a specific job and then the treacherous job hunt phase begins where you have to go for several interviews, while being dressed spectacularly and putting up your best till you are selected. You are offered the least wages, which you are forced to take because you need a job badly and you wish to begin your practical life. Still, the pain doesn’t end, while starting your new office job. You have to dress neatly, even when you...

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Speedo, the world’s leading swimwear brand, has launched a new swim programme designed to inspire people who run as part of their fitness routine to get in the pool. MAKE 1K WET shows runners how to swap 5K on the road for 1K in the pool, helping runners to become fitter and stronger while enjoying the benefits of a full body workout through swimming. A recent international study conducted by OnePoll of people who swim and run found that 80.28% of people said swimming helps them run harder for longer, and 85.81% of people said swimming helps enhance their...

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