We could all use a little me time. Spa days have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years with thousands of us jumping at the chance to don slippers and robes and spend some quality time relaxing. As lovely as it would be to be able to schedule weekly escapes to the spa of your choice, it’s not always practical. So what is the next best thing? Creating your own personal spa at home, of course.

Follow these four tips to create your very own slice of relaxation heaven.


A harsh, overhead light will not bring you serenity. Forgo standard room lighting in favour of something a little more gentle. A lighted mirror could be the best way to cast a warm glow over the room while still being practical enough for your daily beauty routine. Candles are an excellent way to set a mood. Built-in shelves above the bathtub or in the shower are an ideal spot for them. If you are concerned about real candles being a fire hazard invest in some waterproof LED candles.


There is nothing that will bring a perfectly relaxing evening to a screeching halt than stepping out the shower and reaching for a damp and limp towel. Wrap yourself in fluffy warm joy instead by keeping your towels on a heated towel rack. The options on offer at Trade Radiators include contemporary models for a super sleek modern spa to cast iron inspired vintage looks that are reminiscent of Turkish baths. Towel rails tend to be on the compact side too, so they are perfect for smaller spaces yet powerful enough to keep the whole room warm as well as your towels.

Pebble flooring

There is something incredibly relaxing about being barefoot on smooth pebbles. Be transported to a soothing river with the addition of a pebble floor in your shower. There are several different ways to achieve this look. Pebble tiles make laying down an eye-catching floor very simple. You lay them as you would standard tiles and then add the grout. This method works best for uniform spaces as cutting this type of tile to fit custom spaces can be tricky. For a more bespoke or utterly custom look, you may want to consider a poured concrete floor that you can then press individual pebbles into. This approach is certainly more time consuming and tricky, but the results can be truly spectacular.


The key to a spa-like environment is calmness and serenity: Something that is hard to achieve if everywhere you look, there are toothpaste tubes, spare toilet rolls and assorted makeup brushes. Keep the mess at bay with some serious storage solutions. Under-sink cabinets are an ideal way of adding options to a smaller space. If shelves are your only options, use baskets to contain everything. For regularly used items such as soap, shampoo, and shower gel, decant the products into a matching dispenser for a more cohesive look.

With just a few changes to your current set up, you can turn your bathroom from cluttered to calming, standard to soothing and take your experience in there from rushed to relaxing. What will you change first?