Living with an assortment of little critters in your house that you have not voluntarily brought in is not a thrilling experience. For starters, they are not housebroken. In addition, their secretions leave awful odors that no house fresheners can get rid of.

So, you have not had this problem since you bought your house, but it is here now and you need the little fellas out WIE (With Immediate Effect)! You need a wildlife removal company, but how do know which one to get? You want the animals out, but you want it done in the most humane manner possible.

Need to Know

First of all, removing wildlife is not as easy as one may think. Raccoons and squirrels are fast and they can be very tricky. Besides, they don’t want to leave. Most people think that they can simply trap them then release them outside, somewhere far, far away. Unless you are looking to maim the poor things, this often ends badly. Furthermore, they are going into a new environment and they may not be welcome. You know about animals and marking their territory.

It is therefore best to let the professionals deal with your wildlife problem.

Tips on Finding a Wildlife Removal Company

  1. Rummaging through magazines and asking for recommendations is one way to go about it. You can get recommendations from:
    • Local animal welfare groups
    • Rehabilitation centers
    • Wildlife rescue
    • The Humane Society
  2. Another way is to search online. Many wildlife removal companies have websites, for instance, and so many others. You can get a few of them near you.
  3. Before you settle for a company, find out how long they have been in operation.
  4. Ensure that they have adequate insurance coverage.
  5. Find out if they are members of organizations that support animal welfare.
  6. Ask about the life cycles of the animals that have invited themselves into your home. Also, find out information about gestation periods. If there are baby raccoons in the picture, you do not want to separate them from mummy.
  7. Inquire about the general behavior of the species and any other facts that may be of interest to you. In short, your animal removal company must be knowledgeable.
  8. Since your interest is in having the critters out of your house, not out of their territory, ask about what they plan to do with the animals and where they plan to take them. If they want to take them away in their van, you might want to deal with a different company.


What the Wildlife Removal Company will Do

The company will ensure they get the animals out of your home by facilitating their leaving in the most humane manner possible. They will also ensure that the critters remain outside by making improvements to your home. This ensures that the animals will not be taken out of their territory, and they will also not have access to your house.

All you have to do, then, is get a few companies by going to websites like and a few others, then comparing notes before settling for the company that meets your specifications.