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Does being raised bilingual create cultural identity issues?

Identity is the way in which we see ourselves and how we think others see us. For most people, it evolves and changes throughout their lives. For some, these changes are just small variances. For others, they are life-altering. One could argue that bilinguals go through drastic changes in self-identity as they move through life. The typical roles of society like identifying as a student, professional, parent, or boss can be even more extreme for bilinguals, given the different values and expectations that different cultures associate with these roles. Just as professional translators write in more than one language,...

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How to create an office that embraces every generation of worker

Offices used to be very standard in their approach to work. Rows of desks, ugly strip lighting and a lack of personalization was widespread across all sectors. These days, there has been a move towards a more blended approach. Different generations want different things from their workplace, and with up to four generations now sharing the same office, it’s important to find ways to accommodate workers of all ages. While having a blended-age workforce is an asset to any company, it also brings challenges to the design of any office. While older workers often feel comfortable with the old...

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Does teeth whitening work and is it bad for your teeth?

As people age, their teeth may start to look a little less white. This doesn’t have much to do with how well they brush their teeth; it’s more to do with what they eat and drink. Some foods and drinks, such as coffee and soda, as well as smoking, can cause the teeth to become discolored over time. Teeth whitening may be a great solution to this and can be done at home. How Does Teeth Whitening Work? Teeth whitening can be done with a number of different products and can be done at home or by a dentist....

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Secrets of extending the lifespan of your double mattress bed

A good mattress is a significant investment financially. A majority are made to last for around 5 to 10 years or more. Even though the products do not last for a lifetime, it is essential that you look after them properly so that they can serve their purpose for the longest time possible. Buying a mattress is not a matter of just putting it in your bedroom and you forget about it. There are a few things you can do to make sure it stays in great conditions for years such as: Use a Mattress Protector from Day One...

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How to find the best deals for construction workwear

It does not matter whether you are an oil field roughneck, a construction worker, a mechanic, a carpenter or a commercial fisherman. In any outdoor work environment, you will need a certain amount of work clothing as well as footwear that should not only fit well, but also provide a certain amount of highly reliable protection. Furthermore, it should not fall apart after a fortnight or so of rough usage. As a matter of fact, when you think about rough and tough working apparel for everyday use, you should be more concerned about the functionality of the item rather...

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4 ways product reviews help your business

Today’s customers have an important tool at their disposal to aid their every buying decision: product reviews. Reviews can easily sway a customer’s decision when they’re researching a product. Many e-retailers know their stores should have product reviews, but aren’t reaping as many benefits as they should be. Customer word of mouth is a powerful tool that e-retailers need to use to their advantage whenever possible. Here are four ways product reviews help your business: Higher Conversion Rates and Better Chance to Upsell Customers read reviews because they want to see what other people think of the product they...

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