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5 things you need to know before becoming a landlord

Investing in property such as ‘buying to let’ used to be an incredibly popular way of making money, for those with the capital to do so. However, changes to tax have made this a slightly less attractive option. As well as the less favourable tax situation, there are plenty of drawbacks to becoming a landlord. If you are thinking about doing this then you should read this first before you put any money into it. 1. Tax changes on buy-to-let properties Since April 2017, tax relief changes have been phased in for the landlords that the new rules apply...

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Everything you need to know about credit score

One of the most crucial things you must get to grips with regarding finance is of course, the dreaded credit score. Although it’s just a number, it can have a big effect on your life, so it is a pretty important number to be mindful of. What is a credit score? It’s a numerical value that will calculate your creditworthiness. It shows how well you manage your finances, your capability to pay off a due amount and the nature of your payment. When you apply for a loan, money lenders ask for all such information in order to evaluate...

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A checklist to use when buying a home

Ensuring that you buy the right house to suit your family’s needs now and in the future is important. Purchasing a house is a huge financial investment and choosing the wrong one could leave you struggling financially for years to come. If you are searching for a house to buy, use the following guide to create a checklist to provide to your real estate agent to make narrowing the selection a bit easier. Determine What You Can Afford to Spend on a House The first thing you need to do is consider how much money you can afford to...

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How to find the best loan to finance your next semester

Nobody enjoys talking about tuition or taking out student loans. Still, it’s even less desirable to end up graduating and getting stuck with large monthly loan payments. Currently, the average student loan debt is nearly $33,000, and who knows how high this number will climb after you graduate. The smart crowd is taking notice and doing something about it now. Federal Loans Great But Limited Depending of the type of loan, federal student loans typically have superior interest rates. If you’re an undergrad, you could qualify for federal loans with interest rates as low as 4.45%. However, for dependent...

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The importance of learning new skills all our lives

People tend to stop wanting to learn new skills and information after they graduate from school. Just because you graduated from high school and/or college, it doesn’t mean that your learning should ever stop. You still have a long life to live and learning should be a never-ending task. Besides, there are plenty of ways to learn new skills without having to sit in a classroom – you can learn a creative skill in a workshop, or a sporting skill in a gym. All it takes is time and devotion toward learning that skill and then you can achieve...

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Online shopping is boosting the demand for protective packaging

Across the globe, online shopping has become more popular than ever before. According to the online shopping revenue is projected to grow to about 4.48 trillion USD by 2021. Though desktops are the most popular device for online shopping, shopping through the mobile smartphones is bound to surpass any other forms of online shopping. A couple of years ago, most people went to the actual store to buy the goods. They had to deal with the parking issues, weather, long queues at billing, the wobbly shopping carts, lugging the shopping bags from the car to home, besides going...

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