Author: Shara Tenner

Saving money during summer

The summer calls for some additional bills for usage and maintenance of air conditioning, back yards and even household expenses when children are at home, for their summer break. The cost of these can be an extra burden on the wallet. But a research showed that Britons don’t let the season affect them and they know how to take the best out of every tricky situation. So, with the start of the summer season, they begin to save money to cater to their extra spending. They save up to their maximum on the trivial things and enjoy countless online...

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How to say “I love you” without using words

Relations and relationships are a binding and when it comes to being in love it’s an ultimate feeling that cannot be expressed in just simple three words “I love You”. However these three words hold a significant and most extraordinary reaction and feeling attached to it. Well this all revolves around the presentation and with presentation it is here meant how you express it and how you deliver your feelings and your heart felt emotions to the person you love. When it comes to love, it does not sees the amount being spent but it stands on the ground...

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