Decorating with throw pillow covers is an easy, inexpensive way to add personality and style to your home. Having a selection of extra throw covers on hand allows you to wake up tired décor and give any room a quick refresh. Some people change their pillow covers with the season. Others change them whenever they want a chic new look that takes minutes to achieve. Throw pillow covers truly are the decorator’s dream accessory. Here are a few tips on how to match pillow covers with your home décor and decorate like a pro.

1. Create your color story

You may have heard of the rule of three in design. When you group an odd number of accessories together (3-5), a natural-looking design is achieved. The same theory applies when you choose colors in a room. Choosing 3 colors in a space can create a lovely color story. There’s no need to limit your color choices to 3, but it’s a good idea to select 3 dominant colors and enhance them by adding accessories such as curtains, wall art or an area rug featuring one or all 3 of the colors in your color story.

2. Pull colors and shapes from your current decor

Buy a statement rug featuring bold colors and a geometric pattern reflected in the pattern and color on the cushion cover. Add a pink ottoman and the entire room sings.

If you’re not creating a look from scratch and are working with your existing decor, choose 3 different colors from items in your room to incorporate in your throw pillow covers. For a living room, you could pull colors from upholstered furniture. In a bedroom, look to your bed linens for inspiration. Other color sources can include the paint color on your walls, a color from your curtains, planters, wall art or colors in your area rug. If you have a patterned sofa, abstract wall art or bold wallpaper and don’t want to add another busy pattern to your space, choose solid pillows that mimic the colors or patterns in your current decor.

Solid pillow covers need not be boring. You can choose solid pillows in different fabrics. Let’s say you have a patterned sofa in shades of navy, yellow and green. and you decide to highlight those colors in your room. You could choose to add two navy corduroy pillows and a green velvet pillow on your sofa, with a rose knitted pillow on a club chair. Or, you can opt for one color in several fabrics; navy corduroy, navy velvet, navy knitted. The options are endless!

3. Add Textures and embellishments

In addition to adding a pop of color to any setting, decorative throw pillow covers can draw just as much attention with texture as they do with pattern. A cable knit throw pillow cover or one adorned with ruffles, buttons, pompoms or tassels instantly adds an elegant and dramatic touch. Texture brings eye catching dimension to any setting. Just as a fluffy throw, velvet curtains or faux fur rug adds a luxurious look and feel, throw pillows are an easy option for adding head-turning texture and style to a room with minimal effort or investment.

4. Use solid pillow covers in bold colors to emphasize patterned ones

With a solid colored sofa as a backdrop, a well positioned pillow in a vibrant color can make patterned pillow covers pop, creating a captivating setting that starts conversations. Imagine the pretty patterned pillow cover on the left on a navy sofa with the orange corduroy pillow covers on either side. The result would be stunning.

5. Add interesting silhouettes and whimsical prints

When it comes to decorative throw pillows, it has always been hip to be square. While the typical square pillow cover is as popular as ever, it’s fun to incorporate unusual shapes and fabrics in your decor. Knot pillows are a great size for making a statement, yet are available in solid hues to complement any busy patterns in your space. Pair decorative pillows that have a unique silhouette with patterned pillow covers to reflect your unique personality.

6. Showcase your style

When decorating a bedroom or living room with throw pillows, ask yourself a few important questions. What look are you going for in the room? Is it a formal space or a casual one? Is your decor style traditional, minimalist, contemporary or modern farmhouse? When you know the look and feel you want to achieve, you can select throw pillow covers that reflect that vibe.

Change it up!

The beauty of removable throw pillow covers is that they allow you to swap out one style for another when you want a change. You can move throw pillows from room to room to inject a new color or pattern into any area of your home. Use them in a living room, on an entryway bench or pop them on outdoor patio furniture when you’re entertaining. Use decorative throw cushions to add a romantic touch to a bedroom or as comfy seating around a coffee table on game night.

Comfort and style go hand-in-hand

While throw pillows are great for adding comfort to a room, it’s easy to go overboard. Don’t hide your bed with pillows or cover your sofa with so many pillows that guests aren’t sure where to sit. No one wants to hang off the edge of their seat or feel the need to move a bunch of pillows in order to sit comfortably. When in doubt, take some out. If you’re not sure whether it’s pillow overkill, it probably is. Remove a few to be safe.

Happy decorating!

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