After an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign and North American launch, the anti-snoring, music streaming, ZEEQ smart pillow has now arrived in the UK. Our highly advanced and unique pillow promises deep and undisturbed sleep. With no more struggles to switch off, no more waking up feeling groggy, and best of all, no more horrendous snoring!

Snore alarm

The microphone and motion sensor combine to record and monitor snoring, intelligently waking you with a gentle vibration to encourage a new sleeping position.

Smart alarm

ZEEQ motion sensors detect the optimum moment in your sleep cycle in which to wake you.

Tencel fabric

ZEEQ pillows feature a fully removable and washable Tencel® pillowcase, a wood based fibre which naturally inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Wireless music

Using Bluetooth technology and 8 micro speakers, the ZEEQ helps you to drift off to sleep by playing either your favourite music or our own custom binaural sounds. Including a programmable sleep timer to ensure you are not disturbed once you have fallen asleep.

Sleep motion

For a comprehensive overview of your motion during the night, ZEEQ collects data on your movements and calculates the amount of deep sleep you achieve.

Sleep analysis

ZEEQ provides accurate data to a smartphone app so that you can record and monitor your diet, exercise and sleep. The pillow’s battery lasts for a whole week and charges via micro USB.

Premium comfort

Seamlessly integrating comfort and advanced technology, a foam outer shell encases flexible, unnoticeable components, providing you with optimum comfort for the best night’s sleep.

Studies have shown that more than half of adults in the UK regularly battle with insomnia and as many as 41.5% of the adult population snore.

As highly experienced sleep experts, it is our mission to battle these kind of sleep problems so that we can deliver the most optimum sleep experience. This is where the world’s most technologically advanced smart pillow comes in. An active participant in your sleep, ZEEQ not only plays music to help you drift off, but also collects and responds to data, giving you an accurate overview of your sleep patterns. ZEEQ also utilises advanced technology to sense when you are snoring and intelligently wakes you at the optimum moment in your sleep cycle, ensuring groggy mornings are a thing of the past.

ZEEQ is available for purchase in the UK from March 2017 – exclusively available to purchase online for £249 from