A recent study reports that over half of workers experience a high rate of stress away from the office as they struggle to harmonize their work and home lives. Study prove that taking office work home might be very risky with connections to cardiovascular disease. In the study, wrist monitors were used to measure heart rates and it was discovered there are “spikes” in stress when people disrupt their time at home with office work, as reported by the Times. David Plans, a co-author of the research pronounced that the habit of always working is “destroying people”.

He said: “We all know working non-stop is bad, but we can now estimate when it is happening and the damage it is causing. It is even more dangerous than we imagined. It is killing people. Working while at home is very harmful to the health and is straightly linked to cardiovascular disease. Unlike before, it can now be measured.”

This study involved about 550 London staff from the French bank BNP Paribas, they were analyzed and it was discovered that stress rates increased dangerously until around 8:30PM when children went to bed. Some level of stress stayed high until 1:00AM.