Do you know that kitchen remodeling forms 79 percent of general house remodeling projects? Such tasks are very sensitive, and you need the services of an expert for a job well done. Otherwise, you’ll lose money and still get your kitchen in a mess.

There’s more to remodeling your kitchen than just getting new countertops. The kitchen should combine style and class to have an exemplary look. It should maintain quality standards without compromising on its overall look.

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you should use contemporary techniques to make your kitchen look appealing. Keep reading for the top seven best kitchen remodel trends.

1. Best Kitchen Remodel: Blush Pink Cabinets

Over the years, home designers invent new ways to make pink kitchen cabinets fantastic. This year, the blush pink kitchen cabinet will be rocking most homes.

Why do people love blush pink kitchen cabinets? Well, pink is conspicuous and gives a complimentary look in kitchen finishes. Its bright nature makes it combine with many kitchen styles.

Remodeling your kitchen with blush pink puts a smile on every face. Blush pink also pairs naturally with different colors.

The blush pink cabinets couple well with bold designs and colors. It’s the perfect match for those who love a bright kitchen. This year, homeowners should incorporate this awesome kitchen trend.

2. Kitchen With a Bench Seat

This is yet another kitchen trend that’ll make appearances in many homes this year although it requires spacious rooms.

The bench seats have a storage cabinet underneath. It gives homeowners space to store gadgets, blankets, and any other small items of equipment. It converts any kitchen into a lounge-like space.

For a complete kitchen renovation, you can use a banquette. The kitchen benching seats combine naturally with a banquette. Together, they give a classy outlook to the overall kitchen set up.

Bench kitchen seats are a thing this year for those who like staying around the kitchen. More people are slowly adapting to this kitchen trend.

3. Dark Hues

Dark colors are making a massive comeback this year. Nowadays, many clients don’t like the grey hues that were trending some time back.

Paint colors often determine the overall outlook of the kitchen. Homeowners are starting to prefer moody hues over bright ones.

Sometimes, kitchens are messy. Dark colors help to hides dirt impression and make the kitchen look neat. As such, designers are making this trend common in homes.

This is the right time to remodel your kitchen with dark colors. However, contact a professional designer to help you with picking the right color. A good color combination gives your kitchen an excellent finish.

4. Glass and Steel Kitchen Dividers

Glass and steel dividers separate the kitchen from the living room. But they allow for one to watch the activities going on the kitchen. It gives a fantastic visual illusion that the kitchen is bigger than it actually is.

This kitchen trend is common in studio apartments. The room dividers enable you to keep your house in order. At the same time, it gives the house a stylish outlook.

Contact your designer to help you with the room arrangement. It is crucial to place everything in the right position. You can also read more about glass and steel kitchen dividers for your convenience.

5. Kitchen Backsplash

This year presents yet another chance for kitchen wall backsplashes to shine. Last year, many homeowners used this technique to pimp their kitchens. This year, it is even bigger and better.

Most designers are now extending the backsplash tiles up to the ceiling. The backsplash feature wall is an impressive kitchen remodeling technique that you should try out this year.

Also, pick a unique color that matches your kitchen furniture. The kitchen backsplash should mix naturally with different colors for an excellent finish.

You can also spice up your kitchen décor using Spanish and Moroccan tiles. They give even more visual impact than ordinary subway tiles. They also combine better with most kitchen finishes.

If you want a conspicuous kitchen outlook, then you should try this kitchen renovation trend.

6. Linear Lighting

A functional kitchen should have a direct source of light. It enables those working in the kitchen to see everything clearly.

You may think that setting linear lighting is complicated, but it’s not. It only requires a little adjustment by a professional, and it’s ready for use. And it isn’t as expensive as you may think.

Linear lighting combines with different kitchen designs. You should, therefore, remodel your kitchen to accommodate your preferred style and taste. Also, ensure that it’s fixed in a central place to cover a wide area when it’s switched on.

7. Mixing Metals

Metals combine well with different items of kitchen furniture. However, for proper installation, you need the services of a professional designer. Otherwise, you’ll get a poor color mix that won’t be as appealing in your kitchen.

Designers often use this technique to match kitchen appliances. It needs proper research before embarking on the final installation. Any small mistake can change the overall look of the kitchen.

Use this kitchen remodeling technique this year to give it a finely polished metal mix. It’s a trend that you don’t want to miss out on. It will give your kitchen an incredible transformation.

Why You Should Incorporate These Trends

Your kitchen tells a lot about your style. Any poorly done job jeopardizes the overall outlook of the house. In general, a poor looking kitchen equals an averagely appealing home.

It’s is extremely important to ensure that your kitchen always stays looking good. Research frequently to find out new kitchen trends that you should incorporate. Moreover, ensure that you only work with a qualified designer who has vast experience in the kitchen remodeling industry.

Upgrade your kitchen with the above-mentioned best kitchen remodel trends. Check out our blogs to learn more about your kitchen upgrade.