It is easy for an outsider to look at gamers and find them weird and nerdy. They seem to be extremely focused on people, and they are. But they are not weird, or at least not in a bad way. Gaming takes you to bizarre worlds and on magical journeys on a regular basis, and you get to live with those characters and experience their stories. It is only logical that you’d be somewhat dreamy. In any case, it is quite a fulfilling and exciting experience to live within those worlds, and this is why you’ll find gamers to be extremely passionate people. If you want to get into that much entertaining world, you need a gaming room or setup.

These are some things that every true gamer should have.

Gaming table

No, your regular desk will not just do. A true gamer needs a dedicated gaming table with the proper setup to accommodate your gear. You need to consider your room’s dimensions before getting one, though, because there are plenty of options and shapes. It might be rectangular, U-shaped, or L-shaped, among other options. So, consider just how big your room is and what size would work perfectly with it, and start shopping. It is also very important that your gaming table has enough storage room for your equipment.


A reclining gaming chair is a must for your gaming room, not just because it will significantly help your gameplay, but also for its health benefits. Gaming entails sitting in front of a screen for a lot of hours, and you have to be comfortable or else you might suffer significant back pain. A gaming chair provides proper lumbar support so your lower back would be well-rested. It also looks pretty cool in the gaming room as the chairs come in a variety of colors.


This one is for strategy game lovers, and it is a really cool addition to any gaming room setup out there. It provides you with a safe surface to put your cards without the need to worry about your gaming field. As you can see on, there are plenty of different options out there with some really cool designs. You need to make sure the playmat you get has the proper print quality and excellent materials so it wouldn’t get damaged easily.


No gaming setup would be complete without a pair of proper headsets. They can make a huge difference in your gaming experience as they allow you to immerse yourself fully in the games as you get to experience sound at its purest. The Corsair – Void Pro RGB Wireless Dolby 7.1-Channel Surround Sound Gaming Headset is a prime example of such headsets, and it comes with a host of options to enhance your gaming experience. This one has a noise-canceling microphone, which is perfect for online gaming, and more importantly, it has memory foam, so it is very comfortable to wear it for extended periods of time.


Yes, lighting is extremely important for your game room setup, and it makes for a whole different experience really. The room shouldn’t be too bright, but it also can’t be too dim or you might lose focus or hurt your eyes. It is crucial that you find a well-balanced lighting system for your gaming room, and it has to be easily controlled from where you are seated, too. So, look for smart options that look elegant and are functional and easily controlled.


Whether your gaming room setup is that of a PC or a PlayStation, it is important that you get the proper consoles to make the most out of your gaming experience. A mouse and keyboard need to be well-lit and extremely comfortable to use. You want your hands to glide easily across both so you could keep up with the game and maneuver all you want. As for PS4 consoles, you should find one that works for you because believe it or not, there are some special options out there – there is even a PS4 console that comes with an LCD display alarm clock so you could take some nice naps between games.

The great thing about gaming rooms is the fact that they can include anything you want really. Just find what works for you, but also make sure you have all the essentials mentioned on this list because these can make your gaming experience quite enjoyable. After that, go crazy and get some extra additions like storage cabinets for your games or anything that you might find useful.