Cremation burials in the U.S. can cost as little as $550 or as much as $15,000, largely depending on the state. These types of burials are becoming increasingly popular because they blend elements of traditional casket burials with a more progressive, environmentally-friendly option for burying loved ones.

Ash scattering ceremonies were the traditional way of discarding one’s ashes upon death, but other cremation ideas such as burying urns are also becoming a favored option.

Before breaking down the price, however, it is necessary to discern what cremation is. Cremation is the process that reduces the human body to ashes via thermal heating.

Some benefits of cremation include cost-efficiency and sustainability.

The cost may be similar to a traditional casket burial, however, depending on the quality of services selected. The costs of burying cremated ashes include the cremation itself, a burial plot, opening, and closing fees, and a burial marker. So, how much does it cost to bury cremated ashes?

Cost Breakdown

While cremation does not break the bank, it certainly adds up. Below we have included the costs of all major components needed for a cremated ashes burial.


Cremation is the most important step for your cremation ashes ideas. Cremating a body doesn’t always come cheap, however. The cost must be seriously considered if you are planning on burying a loved one’s urn.

The price of cremation depends on a few things but is normally $2,000- $10,000. This large sum of money comprises the bulk of the cost of burying cremated ashes.

Several factors determine the price of the actual cremation including aquamation or fire cremation, transfer fees, the purchase of the urn, and storage fees.

Burial Plot

Existing burial plots range in price starting at $350. The price is more expensive, however, if the plot must be newly dug or if the cemetery is new. The location also greatly influences the price of the burial plot alone, excluding the price of the headstone.

Opening and Closing Fees

The average opening and closing fees are $2,500. This is to establish a new grave if one does not already exist in your selected area.

Burial Marker

Headstone installation fees usually start at $450, excluding the price of the actual headstone. Headstones themselves can cost as little as $1,000 or upwards of $50,000 depending on your budget.

Price by State

Cremated ash burials vary in price depending on the U.S. Of course, the price is impacted by the size, location, and quality of the plot.

Here are a few of the average urn burial plots in some selected U.S. states.

  • Arizona: $2,294
  • California: $5,669
  • Colorado: $2,816
  • Florida: $1,499
  • Hawaii: $4,457
  • Maine: $600
  • Nevada: $5,648
  • Texas: $3,625

The average U.S. cremated ash burial plot is $2,457. Based on the above information, smaller states such as Maine provide reasonably cheap burial options, whereas bigger states such as California provide extraordinarily high prices for cremated ash burials.

Is Burying Cremated Ashes For You?

Burying cremated ashes is f you are looking for a cost-efficient alternative for burying your loved ones. It is environmentally friendly because less waste is used in the production of buried ashes in comparison to big caskets.

It is also cost-efficient, as casket burials are on average $5,000- $15,000. The price for burying cremated ashes, however, is substantially lower with only small fees for cremation, opening, and closing of a plot, a headstone, and an urn.