Author: Zahra Klizemi

How cell phones changed the world

In today’s world, without a cell phone life is not complete at all. Forgetting your cell phone somewhere seems to be a nightmare as it is one of the most precious possession to have. It’s not just a means of communication, instead it is much more than this. It can become anything, such as your whole working station, your study notes, and your shopping gallery, whatever you want. It’s not a luxury thing anymore, rather it’s a necessity to have. Today, we will discuss why people can’t live without cell phones now even for a single day and how...

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How to stay productive in your daily routine

Every day, we come across tons of distractions which can easily shove us off our targets and goals of our life. So, to stay productive in your daily routine and to achieve the maximum out of everything and every day, here are a few tips: Household Chores Every one of us is bound to have household chores which are a never ending task that follows a complete cycle and stays continuous. To manage these chores well while being productive, you must make a To Do List every morning. This way, your full day will stay organized and you will...

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Things to know about cat adoption

Why Adoption Is Important If you want a furry best friend for yourself or for your kid than adoption is far better than buying because when you adopt these totally dependent on you little creatures that are absolutely loveable, you both value each other more. You feel naturally inclined and attached to it because you have saved its life and it is your pride now. But it goes without saying that you need to be prepared before adoption. Here are few most useful tips for your easy adoption process. It’s Okay to Ask Questions When you have decided to...

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Home safety checklist for your new property

When you purchase your new property either for personal or commercial purposes, the first thing that you need to look into, with every elaborate detail, is your property’s safety measures and features and you should also ponder on how you can enhance these with new property improvements and hacks. You need to bring effective changes that can cope with any of the natural disasters that occur and cause unfortunate results. You can also enhance your entire fire alarm system in which you can actually devise your own customized survival plan for emergencies. Following are a few measures for your...

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5 steps to make anything happen

Usually in life, if you are a pragmatic person then you will have no problem observing and admitting that your friends, acquaintances, relatives and people around you in general are doing great in their life, and it’s only you who not only still try to figure it out what to do with your life but you are also doing clueless surfing of other people’s success stories instead of making one of your own. Not only you are wasting your time and life but you’re becoming so negative, even get jealous of them and their pitch perfections. To escape this...

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Using wearable fitness devices

Forty percent of Americans, ages 18 or older, have used a wearable device for tracking their health, exercise activity or sports performance, and among those who now own a so-called “wearable,” more than half (51%) say they use it at least once daily and 70% say they use it daily or weekly, according to a new national study of Americans’ habits and attitudes concerning, exercise, weight and diet. The most common use for trackers is counting steps taken (39%), calories burned (36%), heartbeat (31%), distance (28%) and sleep quality (25%). But more than three quarters of users and non-users...

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