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Top tips to help you through a divorce

With between 40-50 percent of marriages ending in divorce, it seems that splitting up is almost as common as getting married itself, but unfortunately, the parties aren’t as good. Separation and divorce bring many emotions to the surface, this can make navigating the split more difficult and it can be a tough journey for all involved. If you’re considering divorce, there are a few ways that you can prepare yourself to make it easier, especially if there are children involved. What to Do First? Create a plan before you rush headlong into anything. This is a big decision and...

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How to prioritize your debts?

If your bills are stacking up and what’s “going out” is threatening to outpace what’s “coming in”, you’re going to have to figure out how to prioritize your debts. As good as it might feel to do, paying as much as you can on everything without a plan could actually hurt you. In other words, unless you strategically rank your debts and treat them accordingly, you could actually wind up in worse shape—even if you’re already struggling to pay something on each of your obligations each month. Here’s what you need to consider. Don’t Deny Necessities Everybody needs food,...

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Prepare before walking down the aisle

Getting married to someone is a huge step to take in life. You need to make sure that you’re properly prepared before taking the step to minimize the chances of making a mistake that could be quite a hassle to rectify. There are things that you can do to ensure that you’re properly prepared before getting married though. Ensure You Are Both Disease Free Before you get married to someone, it’s important to know that both of you are disease free. If someone has a disease, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t marry them—it simply means that you have...

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How alcohol affects your sleep and life

Sleeping well is an important activity in life. Humans and animals all sleep according to their physical and mental requirements. However, some humans interrupt their sleeping abilities with alcohol use. Many alcoholics think that alcohol is helping them sleep properly, which is not true. Causes of Alcoholism Main cause of alcoholism is still unknown. However, there are triggers that can cause a person to depend on alcohol. It may seem harmless to be drinking a glass or two of wine, whiskey, or beer every night. But if this becomes frequent and the amount increases, that is where the trouble...

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Transform your home with these must-haves

When you’re generally stressed and disinterested in life, it helps to look for a change of scenery and to refresh your environment. Take a short vacation, and when you’re rested and ready, reinvigorate your living space for a fresh start. You don’t have to completely remodel or renovate your home to give it new life. Sometimes, changing your decor and adding several transformative pieces can completely spruce up your space. Live Plants Plants can liven up your home, not to mention improve the air quality inside. Place live plants in your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and hallways to...

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Family residential living options

Whether you’re living, let’s say in Colorado or California, there are fine family rental options which can serve you. That said, in some places, you’ve got to get more creative than in others. Housing costs are up these days, prompting many into the tiny home/motorhome living solution. But this can be rough on a family. Still, it could be superior to apartment dwelling, depending on the kind of apartment solutions you’re able to find. Additionally, there are apartment options out there where you can rent-to-own; though these are less visible than some other, more common rental living solutions. Your...

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