Remodelling your house is among the most significant home improvement projects. This makeover moves you closer towards realizing your dream home. According to the Home Improvement Research Institute, you should see the project as an opportunity to get creative. Therefore, you should devise indigenous renovations, which will help you to utilize space that you have in your house effectively.

Remodelling your home requires innovative thinking, prior planning, and some inspiration. Every year, new home remodeling trends emerge. Previous years, exposed lighting, subway tiles, and rose gold painting were among the top interior design trends. You should expect to witness some incredible home design ideas and trends this year. Here are the top 10 creative home remodelling ideas.

Use of Natural Elements

Tech-obsessed decor dominated the 2018 home remodelling scene. This year, we are likely to experience a shift towards the use of natural and fresh materials including granite, copper, and stone in home remodelling projects. Using these elements adds a serene and organic ambiance to your indoor space.

Built-In Seating

Banquettes are an excellent way of adding extra seating and storage space to the dining room, bedroom, and kitchen. More homeowners are adding banquettes to their living area when undertaking home remodelling.

When a banquette gets incorporated alongside a storage hutch, it provides plenty of seating space for long tables. Similarly, banquettes work well with existing shelves as far as colour contrast is concerned.

Accordion Glass Doors and Windows

At the moment, outdoor-indoor flow is all the rage. A sliding door opens up your living areas in a way that makes outdoor spaces to become more functional and easily accessible. Likewise, windows allow natural light to flood in thus making your indoor space feel airy and well-lit.

You should consider adding accordion glass doors and windows into your home remodelling project. They not only make your home more aesthetically appealing but also functional. When choosing glass windows and doors to use, you need to play around with styles and shapes to find out what works best for you.

Floral Patterns

The use of floral patterns in interior design has been widespread for a while. However, the floral patterns that we have seen in the past have been somewhat too cliché. This year, things are likely to change. Expect to see contrasting colours and exaggerated portions getting incorporated into floral patterns, which seem to be a timeless décor.

Multipurpose Rooms

If your house is relatively small and you are looking to renovate it, consider incorporating multi-purpose rooms. These will help you maximize the available space. For instance, your living room can also double up as a guest room if you replace regular couches with a convertible sofa bed or futon. Similarly, the guest room can also be your home office when you add a comfortable chair and stylish desk.

Black and White Décor

This is a timeless interior design trend. Black and white décor and furnishings should be on the list of trends that you want to incorporate into your home remodelling project. The colours have a remarkable visual contrast, which adds a sense of boldness and balance to your interior space.

The use of Glass Ceilings and Skylights

Do you wish to add an airy feel to your living spaces? Consider adding a glass ceiling and skylights during your home remodelling project. This interior design trend emerged in 2018, and its popularity is expected to increase even more this year. It mainly works well in the dark, awkwardly-lit areas of your house.

Addition of Lofts

Utilizing every space that is available at your home may include the addition of lofts. For instance, you can create additional storage space above your stairwells. Similarly, if your home has high ceilings, you can transform them into an extra bedroom, a playroom, or reading space.

Vintage Lighting

This interior design trend is likely to make a comeback this year. Expect to see less exposed interior lighting consisting of vintage sconces and pendants with copper and brass finishes. These lighting elements will add an elegant and exotic feel to your interior space.

Bucket Sinks

Farm house-inspired bucket sinks will be among the most talked about interior design elements this year. Also referred to as trough sinks, these vintage pans can add a rustic feel and a sense of personality to your bathroom or kitchen. They are also family-friendly.


Your home remodelling project should entail clever space transformations to ensure that the entire home gets a facelift. Similarly, the objective of a remodelling project should be to make the house more family-friendly. Since you will be giving your family living space a facelift, you should ensure that you transform your home into a versatile and functional space that bubbles with personality.