It can be difficult to maintain healthy minds and bodies in this highly stressful and fast paced-society. But maintaining healthy habits adds ballast to the ship and makes it easier to maintain good mental and physical health.

Here are a few important health habits you should add to your life to live with better health.

Eat Well

Your mood, demeanor and mental health levels will change with your diet. If you are eating well, you will maintain regular blood sugar levels and this helps with balancing the mind. If you are not eating regularly, you may find yourself becoming very irritable, anxious and unstable due to malnutrition. Some good ways to avoid this is to have your proper amounts of food each day and drink plenty of water.

Get Regular exercise

Exercise is also a good part of staying mentally and physically healthy. When you get out in the fresh air and sunshine, your lungs fill with fresh clean air which sharpens the mind. Vitamin D, which is basically an antidepressant, is synthesized from cholesterol and sunlight. Finally, your body produces endorphins when it is kept in action. The hardest part is getting started, but once you are over the first hurdle, getting exercise will be the best part of your day.

Drink Sensibly

Drinking alcohol may feel good at the time and may even seem like a reasonable way to deal with certain emotional struggles. But alcohol has a way of getting out of hand and contributes to dependence, increased intake and a vicious cycle of collapsing mental and physical health. There is nothing wrong with drinking, but it is important to keep a close eye on the reasons you are drinking as well as the quantities.

Practice self-Expression

So much of the inner turmoil inside can be released through creative expression. This can be anything you want and the results can be especially rewarding and even provide you with different insights into your own processes. Consider taking on some artistic practices that relate to your specific skills.

Find Your Distractions

You will need to arrange time for a complete time out from daily grind at some point, so prepare your “happy place” well. This could be a talk on the phone with a good friend, a good book, headphones and tea, video gaming with your buddies or even yoga and mindfulness practices. These “quiet places” of the mind allow the mind to stretch and explore the world free of the confines of exterior and interior judgements.

Ask for help

What would your reaction be if your friend came to you and told you that they were in distress and needed to talk things over. Most people would feel great to have someone to confide in and often that makes all the difference between facing battles alone and facing them with someone at your side. When facing things alone it is far easier to make an error on the side of negativity. But others may not be so scathing in their criticism of you and your perceived weaknesses. Get in touch with You will be surprised how positive the response may be if you approach the right person with your problems.

Learn to take time out and relax

People have a wide variety of ways to relax and take time away from the demands of their life. These are often the very first things we stop doing when we find ourselves in a low point and or stressed out. But taking the time for a warm bath, an afternoon with a 3000-piece puzzle or a visit to your favorite friend in the next city are all very important to living a fulfilling life. Make sure you remind yourself to do these things when you are feeling low as this will help you stay connected to the more positive side of your life.

Catalogue Your Good Points

While it is very easy to take note of all your failures and shortcomings, it is more important to take the time to list your strengths and good qualities. It is very easy to assume that other people are more talented or successful than you, but all that energy you will spend in making accurate comparisons could be better spent in improving your own position in whichever way you can. Take the time to look at what you have done well and support your findings with evidence of your impressive work.