Why is it so hard to keep New Year’s resolutions? You pick an area of your life that needs improving, like your health, and you make commitments to yourself to make the necessary changes. You might stick to these vows for a few weeks if you’re lucky, but after the hype of the “fresh start” wear off, you’re back to unhealthy habits. You want to do right and be a healthier person, but it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards.

It’s not that the change is impossible, but for some reason, sticking to healthy resolutions can be challenging. When you’re not seeing results or the process doesn’t get easier, you become uninspired and resort back to old habits until the next year when you’ll try again. The real reasons resolutions are often difficult to keep is because change is a transition that takes time. When you’re used to doing things one way for decades and then want to turn things around for the better, you have to take things slow. Small, actionable steps in the right direction are essentially what help you succeed.

Whether you want a less stressful life, a slimmer waistline, youthful skin, or are trying to better manage pre-existing medical conditions, the key is to take little actions, such as those listed below:

Drink More Water

It is recommended that the average person drink half their body weight in ounces of water each day. The idea of gulping down a gallon or more of water in a day when you’re barely drinking a few cups can seem scary. Instead of trying to reach that target right away, simply make an effort to drink more water. If you don’t drink any water, then having a glass when you wake up, with every meal, and before bed is a great place to start. As you get used to this, increase your intake by a cup until you’ve reached the recommended daily amount.

Have a Cup of Tea

Sugary drinks and sodas are packed with ingredients that can wreak havoc on your body, but if you like the idea of having something other than water throughout the day, a cup of tea (hot or cold) would suffice. There are plenty of healing properties to tea. You can mix various blends with a bit of sugar to create flavorful drinks that heal with every sip. Take, for instance, Kombucha, if you read the scoop on Kombucha (a mixture of green and black tea with yeast and sugar), you’ll see that it can improve your digestive health, help you lose weight, reduce toxin levels, and regulate blood sugar levels.

Walk Daily

It is recommended that the average person walk about 10,000 steps every day. If you live more of a sedentary life, however, the idea of walking that far might seem daunting. Instead of trying to get to 10,000 on your first attempt and maintain that number, start small. Get a tracker and wear it all day to get an idea of how many steps you take. Let’s say it’s 5,000 steps, you can start increasing your walking by increments of 500. Park further away at the grocery store, take the stairs instead of the elevator, or purposeful schedule a walk for 5-10 minutes.

Skincare Routines

Whether you’re struggling with skin conditions like acne or you’re trying to combat the signs of aging, there are small things you can do to get clear, glowing, youthful-looking skin. Develop a skin care routine specific to your skin type and needs. Every day, use a facial soap, exfoliant, and moisturizer. Then, periodically give yourself a facial for deep penetration. You can buy skin care products and try an anti aging face mask for regular use.

Meditate for 5 Minutes a Day

If mental clarity is what you’re after meditation is a great solution. It is a long-time practice used to help recenter the mind. Through deep breaths and mantras, those who meditate for 5-10 minutes a day will notice benefits like reduced stress and anxiety, better focus, and improves your overall emotional well-being.

Whatever your goals for the new year might be as it pertains to your physical and mental well-being, they can be accomplished. The trick is to realize your goals and break them down into smaller steps. As you master each baby step, it helps you to develop positive habits that align you with the overall vision you have for your life.