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5 benefits of hiking for your health

Exercising is compulsory for the health of your body, mind and spirit. We all choose to exercise differently as per our convenience of schedule, locality, budget and comfort. Some people opt for gym or use heavy equipment at home. Some even go for run or jog in the parks. One of the finest is hiking. It is best for a simple reason: you can explore the beautiful nature while you exercise and end up having an incredible adventure in the wake. It also promises better health benefits which are mentioned below, so you can pursue hiking as your first...

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Stay cool even when you are running

One dilemma for runners is to beat the rising temperature. There are several tricks and hacks to manage it and get rid of the heat but the best tip is to maintain a strong check and balance between your body systems and create a mechanism for your body, so that it can resist and sustain the rising temperature. Basically, you have the internal and the external systems of your body and to stay cool, even when you are running in heated conditions, you have to push your vitals and dials to remain calm and adjustable to the diverse nature...

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Prevent negative reviews with these customer service tips

Handling customer service is as important as running your business. You must understand the importance of direct contact with the customer and his reliability in you. If you make certain mistakes in handling customer service, you will only end up earning bad reputation for your business, the perfect situation for your competitors to take advantage of the situation. Make sure to never make mistakes by following these tips: Respond Back Quickly Be professional when you are directly dealing with your client in the customer care department. The medium through which you are connected with the client is of no...

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Count your steps

Exercise is a dire need of everyone today. We may exercise for several reasons but most of us do it to reduce weight or to stay fit and healthy. Now the best form of exercise is either running or walking and specialists recommend at least 10,000 steps a day. They sound a lot, right? Well, it translates into five miles of walk each day; or 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, anyway recommended by the doctors. So, it’s not so much anymore. It may affect differently on each of us as we have different body structures. But taking...

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Useful tips for summer running

With an obvious increase in the heat, people start to show up more and more on running paths and tracks in the hope of fresh air and open surroundings. Running in summer can be advantageous if you know how to smartly use it to boost your energy and performance for far better results and fitness. You need your body to adapt the atmosphere and then exercise in every way that can enhance your metabolism. You just need to take care that you do not dehydrate. Use our below guidelines to run happily down the entire summer, without a hitch....

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Buenos Aires Tourism Authority Launches Free Gastro-Tours

Buenos Aires is this year’s Ibero-American Capital of Gastronomic Culture. As a result, the Tourism Authority (ENTUR) is organizing free monthly visits to discover the secrets and highlights of Buenos Aires’ unique an ever-evolving culinary art scene. The city of Buenos Aires is enjoying a special year with its designation as Ibero-American Capital of Gastronomic Culture. Tourists will now be able to join free tours alongside locals and get an insider’s view of the city’s restaurants and eateries, including perennial favourites and hot new discoveries. The tours will take place on the third Saturday of each month at 5pm,...

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