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Count your steps

Exercise is a dire need of everyone today. We may exercise for several reasons but most of us do it to reduce weight or to stay fit and healthy. Now the best form of exercise is either running or walking and specialists recommend at least 10,000 steps a day. They sound a lot, right? Well, it translates into five miles of walk each day; or 30 minutes of moderate exercise per day, anyway recommended by the doctors. So, it’s not so much anymore. It may affect differently on each of us as we have different body structures. But taking...

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Useful tips for summer running

With an obvious increase in the heat, people start to show up more and more on running paths and tracks in the hope of fresh air and open surroundings. Running in summer can be advantageous if you know how to smartly use it to boost your energy and performance for far better results and fitness. You need your body to adapt the atmosphere and then exercise in every way that can enhance your metabolism. You just need to take care that you do not dehydrate. Use our below guidelines to run happily down the entire summer, without a hitch....

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Buenos Aires Tourism Authority Launches Free Gastro-Tours

Buenos Aires is this year’s Ibero-American Capital of Gastronomic Culture. As a result, the Tourism Authority (ENTUR) is organizing free monthly visits to discover the secrets and highlights of Buenos Aires’ unique an ever-evolving culinary art scene. The city of Buenos Aires is enjoying a special year with its designation as Ibero-American Capital of Gastronomic Culture. Tourists will now be able to join free tours alongside locals and get an insider’s view of the city’s restaurants and eateries, including perennial favourites and hot new discoveries. The tours will take place on the third Saturday of each month at 5pm,...

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Why you should book your holiday on a Sunday

With most people now back to work and the nights gradually getting shorter, thoughts will inevitably be drifting to Easter breaks, summer holidays and sunnier climes. By making use of a few simple tips, it’s easy to save big when booking a break – experts suggest Sunday could be an ideal day to book. This is based on data from, who analysed billions of data points to find that for those travelling within Europe, savings on average ticket prices by booking on a Sunday can be around 30 percent compared to other days of the week. Meanwhile, January...

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The eating habits of holidaying Europeans

A study conducted by Le Boat into the eating habits of holidaying Europeans has revealed that Brits lag behind their French and German counterparts when it comes to experimenting with foreign cuisine. The survey of 1,000 adults from each of France, Germany and the United Kingdom (UK) found less than half of UK travellers (47%) cited food and drink as very being a very important element of their trip compared to nearly two-thirds (62%) of Germans and half of French (50%) When it comes to the first dish of the day, it seems half of Brits prefer to stick...

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