Many of us will have made the resolution to get fit this year. While securing a gym membership is certainly a great option, it’s possible to achieve your fitness goals without leaving the house.

If you’re not sure whether working out at home is for you, here are five awesome reasons to consider it.

Time Efficient

For those looking to keep their New Year’s fitness resolutions (which is everyone, at least at the start!) making time is important. Working out at least three times per week is a good target, however, time can be limiting.

Driving to and from the gym takes time, and during the first few months of the year gyms are very busy places. This means that once you’re there, you’ll inevitably need to wait to use the workout equipment required for your training programme.

With a home gym, there is no waiting around to use equipment, no travel time, and no one rushing you to finish your set.

Costs Less in the Long Run

Keeping fit is a lifestyle. Fad diets and the latest trending workouts might work well in the short-term but are certainly not a permanent solution. If you’re set on getting fit and keeping fit, it’s a life-long commitment.

When you compare the lifetime cost of a gym membership; travelling to and from the gym several times per week; as well as the time element, it’s not surprising that home gyms work out cheaper. Considering you can compare prices and buy a weight lifting bench, some free weights, and a squat rack for less than £300, it’s difficult to justify a gym membership.


With a home gym set-up, you can work out whenever suits you. Gym classes booked in advance can be a chore, and if you miss it, you’ve missed it.

Home gym flexibility means peace of mind, knowing that if you planned to work out at 7 pm but something came up, you can do it at 10 pm instead.

When set up in your spare room, garage, conservatory, or even living room, a home gym is easy to access. This means that you’re more likely to do your workout and leaves less room for excuses!

Personal Training in Your Own Home

Once upon a time, attending the gym was your only chance to work with a qualified personal trainer. Not any more: there is a rising trend in people working out at home, and there’s never been a better time to hire a top-quality PT to help you work out at home.

With free consultations and taster sessions on offer, there’s no reason not to try out these services.

Providing nutritional advice, and personalised training programmes, these trained fitness coaches can help any of us reach our fitness goals.

Perfect for Introverts or the Body Conscious

Many of us hit the gym in the New Year to improve our body image. For some, the worry of what people might think is enough to stop us before we even start. This is a terrible shame and shouldn’t ever be a reason not to get fit. If you’re body conscious, working out at home is the perfect solution.

Introverts are people who prefer calmer environments and tend to avoid busy places. Even if they’re not body conscious, attending the gym can be an almost impossible, daunting, and scary task. As with the body conscious, setting up a home gym is the ideal fix.

Final Words

Getting fit and keeping fit are two different things: getting fit is a short-term goal, whereby keeping fit is a life-long commitment. Obstacles such as cost, time, or even our own temperament prevent many of us from keeping fit.

This should never be the case. Luckily there is an answer: by setting up a gym at home, we can solve most, if not all, of these problems.