What is WizIQ?

WizIQ Virtual Classroom and Learning Management software is an online learning delivery platform that creatively uses technology to make it easy to impart or gain knowledge. It allows an exchange of ideas between education service providers and learners from across the world. Started in 2007, WizIQ already has 3500+ customers with more than four million learners.. Today, WizIQ has customers in more than 100 countries from across the globe.

While most online education portals focus on the learner’s end, WizIQ focuses on the education service provider which is what makes WizIQ stand apart. An education service provider can be anyone- an individual looking to teach from home, an educational institution planning to start a distance education program, a corporation wanting to train its employees, among many others. In higher education institutes, WizIQ platform is used as a higher education technology to facilitate learning online.

It is a software platform that brings different education service providers together, enabling them to create their academy in a matter of minutes. You can train/teach or learn in the WizIQ academy depending on whether you use it as an instructor/teacher or as a learner. The academy consists of tools within the platform, to assist teachers and learners in learning delivery and consumption respectively. It does not require either the teachers or the learners to install additional plug-ins.

What are the benefits of online teaching?

Online teaching has emerged as a technology trend in education over the past decade. It has also gained popularity among corporations and training institutes. Following are the three major ways in which online teaching benefits the teachers.

  • As flexible as it gets: Online teaching is flexible because it is neither time nor location bound. You can schedule classes as and when it suits you and your learners. It saves you the time spent on traveling to-and-fro from a classroom like that in a traditional setting. It gives you the liberty to schedule classes at odd hours like early in the morning or late at night. From the comfort of your home to a camp in the woods, it allows you to teach from any place you deem fit.
  • Widens your horizons: While a traditional classroom can have only a selected number of learners, you can reach learners from across the world through online teaching, thus increasing both your classroom strength as well as its diversity.
  • Instantly evaluate learners: You can track the progress of your learners online through tests and assessments instantly. eLearning platforms offer tools and devices to help with organizing data such as time spent in class, test scores, types of courses attended etc. All data is organized in one place which makes it easier for the instructor to analyze trends and reports. For example, you determine the test scores in objective tests and get instant results. In traditional classroom setting, the instructor has to evaluate individual copies manually, which is extremely tedious.

How can WizIQ help teachers to teach online?

  • Go live with WizIQ Virtual Classroom: WizIQ Virtual Classroom, as the name suggests, is a teaching space for teachers and learners to interact with each other. The teacher schedules the class, shares the link with the learners and instructs them in the class. WizIQ Virtual Classroom consists of built-in tools to make the overall process of learning delivery easy. It aids teachers by allowing them to play YouTube videos, use the whiteboard for explaining concepts and share files or presentations in the class. Teachers and students can interact in the live class through chat, audio and video. HD (640p) live video streaming is provided in the live class by default.
  • Create attractive courses with Course Builder: Building an online course can be a daunting task, especially if you are not well versed with technology. WizIQ Course Builder simplifies the task of creating an online course for you as a teacher. It supports all formats, allowing you to import, upload and embed content of your choice without any difficulty. The learning material of your course can be text-based or video-based or it can be a combination of the two. The course settings are highly configurable, for example, you can turn on a setting to enforce your learners to access the activities of the course in a sequence i.e. one after the other.
  • Measure performance with Tests and Assessments: Tests and assessments are a sure shot way for teachers to keep a track on the progress of the learners. WizIQ’s online test generator tool allows teachers and corporate trainers to easily create, publish and conduct online tests. Online tests are way more convenient than those in real life settings because they are easy to distribute, their accessibility is independent of time and location and they can be evaluated instantly. You can create tests with standard multiple choice questions, MCQ- Multi Response or Choice Matrix Table. It is up to the teacher to decide things like marks per question, whether or not there will be negative marking, overall passing marks etc. You can eliminate the risk of cheating by invite-only access, shuffling questions, answer options and fixing time limits.
  • Access Classroom with a click via Mobile Learning: With people spending more time on their mobile phones than ever, it is only natural to use the medium to deliver learning. Mobile applications which enable learners to access eLearning platforms are becoming popular. It is a hit among corporations, training and tutoring institutes, test preparation centers and vocational academies among others as it is easy to use for the teachers as well as the learners. LMS enabled mobile learning applications, like WizIQ, consist of push notifications, updates, instant reminders etc. making learning delivery fairly uncomplicated.
  • Increase course effectiveness with eLearning Analytics: It is not enough in itself for a teacher to create a course, it is just as important to analyse how well the learners are responding to it. Attendance and course completion reports help you measure class performance. They bring to notice if the average class performance declines, helping you identify the weak sections and pushing you to improve the content of your course. They also help you draw an idea of future class engagement outcomes and thus avoid possible mistakes. WizIQ’s LMS analytics helps you gain insights (a health-check through analytics) of your self-paced courses and live classes. It helps you form a targeted approach towards teaching and take corrective measures based on results saving costs and efforts.
  • Create and sell courses with eCommerce Integration: Whether you are an individual teacher or a company providing online courses, everyone needs an LMS eCommerce integrated platform to create a paid course and sell it online. WizIQ’s eCommerce Integration feature helps you sell a course or class without spending a lot of time or money. By offering online payment option with an eCommerce LMS, it allows you to spread your customer base worldwide. It also makes the transaction process hassle-free by offering an in-house and user-friendly payment portal which is integrated with your online course.


WizIQ Virtual Classroom and Learning Management Software is an online learning delivery platform that connects course providers and learners from across the world. The WizIQ platform enables the instructors to provide custom courses catering to the needs of students which enables effective learning, in a user-friendly environment.

With WizIQ LMS, the instructor is also able to facilitate mobile learning. This in turn encourages learners to access courses on-the-go. Using WizIQ’s inbuilt eCommerce feature to take payments for courses makes the process hassle-free and also helps business owners keep a track of transactions within the LMS.

Embracing the technology trend in education enables you, the instructor to use online teaching to effectively bring courses to a wide audience. Flexible classroom timings help instructors reach a wider user base, leads to a diverse and interesting classroom experience.