Luxury watches have been a symbol of class and beauty since eons. In addition to telling the time, a watch often represents wealth and channelizes the inner style of the wearer. A good luxury watch also demonstrates the wearer’s aesthetic taste. It is fair to assume that a watch can entirely make or break a look.

However, not all watches show class and elegance. The opposite of a classic watch is a cheap one that can come off as tacky. If you think that getting a replica watch will trick people into believing it, think twice. Wealthy folks who have an eye for watches can easily tell apart. That is why investing in a timeless piece is important.

Here is why you should not buy a replica luxury watch:

You Can Be Charged for Wearing or Buying a Fake Watch

Yes, you read it right. Wearing a fake luxury watch can get you fined and imprisoned. It may seem innocent but in the eyes of the law; it is a criminal offense known as counterfeiting.
Buying fakes is a serious crime with grave repercussions and in some countries, you would be immediately jailed if you were caught buying a counterfeit watch. In other countries, if you own two or more than two replica watches, chances are you have got yourself in trouble because now you can be accused of selling them.

You Will be Harshly Judged

It may seem unfair but we live in a cruel world where people judge. Wearing a fake watch can be clearer than you will ever realize. Replica watches often come off as phony and extremely tacky and people who collect watches will be skeptical of you. Owning a fake watch may even get you a bad reputation as you will appear inauthentic.

Instead of throwing your money on a fake watch, get yourself a preloved, or used luxury watch. However, more often than not, preloved watches usually need repairing or parts replacement. If that is the case, you can easily find some replacement Sofly watch parts that will return the lost glory of your watch.

Bad Quality and Poor Craftsmanship

The quality tells it all. Fake watches are so poorly made that even an amateur would tell the difference when asked to compare a replica with a real watch. They are not waterproof even if the seller claims it to be. When exposed to a shock, a fake watch will have its parts come off. If taken out in the sun, the heat will disrupt the working.

On the other hand, real luxury watches last for decades and are usually passed on to generations as a family heirloom. So, apart from being expertly made they also hold sentimental value. Real luxury watches can also be repaired. It is easier to find spare parts of real watches that come from high-end brands.

You are Supporting an Illegal Industry

The person who sold you a counterfeit watch may be linked to an illegal industry. Sellers who deal in fakes are usually involved in crimes like smuggling. Sure you will save a few bucks by not spending your money on a real luxury watch, but you will be unknowingly encouraging various federal crimes.

If you don’t have enough money to buy an authentic luxury timepiece, It is better to wait for a few months. Save up some more and get a preloved real watch. With a little adjustment, you can have it renewed.

You Owe Respect to Yourself

By throwing your money on a fake timepiece you are giving yourself the message that you are not worth a real one. Do not rush into buying an imitation if you don’t have the money for now. Learning how to budget and spending consciously can help you save up for a brand new luxury watch!


It is a fashion fact that a watch can make you appear more attractive. However, you cannot just drape any watch if you wanna amplify your personality.

A cheap, fake, or low-quality watch can pretty much do the opposite. So, make sure you save up for a real luxury watch that will always be your prized possession and when the time comes, you can pass it on to your kids!