“Facebook stalking” dates back to when Facebook itself began. If you have seen the movie The Social Network, then you will know that ‘FaceMash’ or ‘TheFacebook’ was initially created for this very purpose.

You may happen to have met your new date online, as many of us 21st-centurions do. Perhaps you have met your new date more traditionally – you know, in person. The fairytale of meeting someone face-to-face will also likely lead to connecting with them across social media platforms before the first date commences.

Regardless, you will have some photos and basic information at the very least.

But is that enough?

There is more to researching a potential date than doing so out of mere curiosity. They may seem nice in person, assuming that you have met them, but that is not to say that you know them.

So, what can you do to make sure that there is nothing to worry about?

What You Can Do Yourself

Innocently checking out your new date’s photos on their social media accounts… is fine. You may do this out of curiosity or to make sure you fancy them. You may also try to acquire what information is available for you to formulate an idea of what they are like as a person – makes sense, right?

After all, they have entered their information for people to see. But, then again, this is the information that they have pre-filtered – fiction or factual?

How can you check if this information and the person – are trustworthy?

To acquire more information about your new date, you could search their name on Google, or pry into their potential business on Companies House. Aside from these self-help suggestions, there is not much that you can do yourself.

Thankfully, there is something much better that you can do to make sure that you stay safe…

How To Stay Safe

Although we do not necessarily encourage anyone to have their whole life online for anyone to see – if your new potential partner reveals nothing, then it may be concerning. Even if you are connected on social media, you are only enabled to view what they want you to see.

So, why not perform a quick research check with Nuwber?

It’s not like you would be setting up surveillance in their home or attempting to uncover their fears and deepest secrets…

…you just want to stay safe.

We strongly recommend that you check your date to see if there is anything you need to worry about. Trust your instinct.

Luckily, with a helping hand, you can perform a research check that provides contact and background information; police records, lawsuits, addresses and more.

It’s not as if you are the only one doing it…

Are You The Only One Checking Up On Your New Date?

Plenty of people conduct the same research check for their peace of mind. Better safe than sorry. But it doesn’t stop there. Here is some food for thought…

Any company hiring your new date will conduct thorough research. In modern companies, we see rigorous background checks conducted in ways that you would not even realize exist.

Bear in mind that dating someone is a lot more intimate than hiring someone to have at length across a bank of desks. You are looking to bring this person into your life and home. All of us are vulnerable when going through this.

So, we think that you are entitled to know who you are letting your guard down for. Especially if you are not certain about who they are…


If you have not yet met your new date in person, then keep this in mind – catfishers exist.

These are people who fake an online persona to leer people into a relationship. Why people do this – is a complex issue. Perhaps this is why people find it so interesting…

The documentary-film ‘Catfish’ was released in 2010. It was so successful that a spin-off TV show was created with the same title, which has produced 137 episodes so far!

“There’s plenty more catfish in the sea…”

Final Thoughts

By following our advice, you are not crossing the line. It is ok to conduct practical research on your new date to ease your mind of feeling safe. That is so long as you are trustworthy yourself.

It is important to stay safe when you are about to let yourself be alone with a new person, who – even if you have met them face-to-face – is still a stranger. To settle you, you could look into some group date ideas. Another benefit: meeting their friends or family is a good sign that they have nothing to hide.

If you are still in the process of looking for someone online to share a first date, then it is best to use one of the more credible and popular dating apps. If you conduct a research check following this, then be wary if you cannot find anything on them. Catfishers and untrusting daters are likely to not use a real name.

If you feel that you have reasons to be concerned, having first used Nuwber’s research check – you may contact 101 to ask for details about your new date.