Sealing the deal is a huge step. And it’s made even more huge by our desire to conform to society’s insane standards. If it’s your first time, you’re probably convinced it’s your last time too and you want to make it count.

Big, lavish weddings have become a norm for nearly every class of society, even the ones that can barely afford to keep themselves afloat in normal everyday life.

However, planning a big wedding is no cakewalk; there are thousand variables involved and the most minor issue can create potential chaos.

So, if you’re planning such a wedding, you definitely need a wedding planner. Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re already spending so much so why throw more money on something you can manage all by yourselves. But can you?

Here are a few reasons why you absolutely need to have a professional planner for your wedding:

Oh, by the way, by “professionals” we do not mean your friends and family members, no matter how much experience they claim to have at managing weddings.

  • Planners know what’s necessary, what’s an added accessory and what’s completely useless. They know how to make a budget so that you actually spend as little as possible, if that is what you want. Basically, they are skilled at squeezing everything you want into the budgetary limits that you have defined for them.
  • Your legal contracts often need polishing and wedding planners can help with that.
  • Wedding decor needs to be handled with extraordinary finesse. The designs, wedding theme, music choices and the lighting need to be executed with grace and subtlety. It should be flashy enough to make for a splendid celebration but not too over-the-top. Wedding planners know exactly where to draw the line and how to adhere to it.
  • A wedding is a stressful affair and it shouldn’t be. It should be something you’re excited about rather than dreading. This is where a wedding planner is important. Dump all that stress and burden on their shoulder, and breathe! Handling the logistics of this mega function is their primary job and aside from occasional consults where they get acquainted with your opinions and tastes, the planners know their job very well. Provided, of course, that you hire a reputable company.
  • Then we arrive at the most stressful part of the affair; at least for the bride. Yes, we are talking about the dresses. The groom can show up in a pair of board shorts and he probably wouldn’t care but we are aware how the lady wants to look like a princess. Plenty of wedding planners also specialize in wedding dresses; you should definitely hire one of those. It will make the whole process a lot smoother and easy on your nerves.
  • Finding suppliers and dealing with vendors is henceforth the responsibility of the planners and the couple can go back to daydreaming about their kiss at the altar or their first night in the bedroom. They know how to squeeze out discounts, and they know how to ensure proper results. So rest assured, your big day will stay safe.
  • A wedding planner’s responsibilities go beyond just finding a venue and coordinating the reception. Until the day you become a married couple, they are closer to you than your closest family. They are in-tune with your vision. They know that you want garlands of white flowers lining the aisle and they know you want tulle draped from the center of the ceiling to create a canopy and they know that you want the pews to have little bows on them. They know what wedding theme you want. They know everything about your wishes and they will make sure everything is as your imagined.

Now, the obvious question in most of your minds is, how to select the best wedding planner for your big day. Here are a few things you should look for.


You cannot really judge an organization’s worth if they don’t have any past experience. A reputable agency will give you a detailed briefing about their dealings with past clients.

If they have a website, there is a high probability that there will be online reviews. This kind of feedback is very important in trying to gauge the trustworthiness of a particular organization.


Aside from the fact that they should be legally registered and their certifications should be in order, you also need to be on the lookout for a professional work ethic. A lot of businesses have no sensibility on how to deal with clients; they are crass, rude and their attitude is totally unprofessional.

During your first meeting with their representatives, this is one of the things you should be on the lookout for. If at any point in the arrangements, they start treating you like a pushover, fire them. The wedding can wait.


This is crucial. Do not take anyone at their word of mouth. Have them draw up a formal contract and have your lawyer look it over for any anomalies. It should have a comprehensive list of the responsibilities they are to undertake during the whole process and details about the financial arrangement.

Do not make any financial transactions before their job is done. Do it at the end. This will keep them motivated to please you. It’s the way of the world.