A deck is a structure usually made of wood, usually located next to the house. The front porch can be a deck. A staircase and a landing that serves as a door can be a deck.

Summer is a great time to spend quality time with the family but doing it on a personalized deck makes those family moments more special. So, get to know the 3 reasons why you should have a deck at home straight from deck builders San Antonio!

Health: As we know, Vitamin D is fundamental to our health. It helps to create and repair a large part of our body, and although it is possible to obtain vitamin D in the form of a food supplement, the easiest and most effective way is to spend a few moments outside enjoying the sunlight. The Decks are perfect for this.

Familiar time away from the screens: With the new era of technology, people forget that there are other ways to spend time besides television and games. Thus, the decks allow families to enjoy a relaxed and fun dinner outside. The decks provide a comfortable and perfect place for meetings and family events.

Encourages the imagination: Most people love the smell of a good grill in the summer so with a deck and a grill, it has all the ingredients to become the Chef of the family. And for reading fans, just grab your favorite books, sit on a lounger and get up to speed on reading.

What are your needs?

In the warmer months, the deck becomes a perfect space to relax and entertain people. If you are thinking about renovating your deck, it is crucial to think about what the deck will be used for and the important elements to accommodate your outdoor space’s daily needs. If you frequently use your grill, it may be a good idea to consider an outdoor kitchen with ample space for preparing, grilling, and cleaning. If your idea is to eat outdoors, you should include a large patio seating and table space. If, on the other hand, you want to choose a pool or hot tub, then keep that in mind when planning the dimensions and layout of the deck.


There are virtually maintenance-free materials for decks, handrails, and baseboards that include composites and PVC. These options are more expensive than cedar, but they do not require pressure washing or annual maintenance, unlike a cedar.


Above all, you should feel comfortable while enjoying your deck. Depending on your proximity to neighbours, privacy walls can be a valuable addition to a deck’s renovation.

Solar Coverage

If you plan to spend a lot of time on your deck, it may be a good idea to include shaded areas to avoid excessive exposure to the summer sun.

Wood Treatment And Conservation

Another important factor to have a deck is the pre-treatment of the wood, mainly for pieces exposed to the sun and humidity.

Choosing a quality wood is essential, but the proper treatment of people is also essential, as this way, it is good to have a deck that requires less maintenance and that remains healthy for a longer time.

Along with its installation, the deck’s wood must go through a waterproofing process with a sealer or a common varnish. The stain is usually most appropriate since it penetrates the wood away from insects and fungi and facilitates future maintenance.

The maintenance of this waterproofing process must be done annually. If you choose to use varnish, the deck must be completely sanded before applying the product. For those who choose stain, there is no need to sand the pieces.

The most suitable is that a specialized professional does the process of assembling and waterproofing the wooden deck, so there is a greater guarantee that the structure will be without flaws and without risk of warping.