Growing your own food may seem like hard work, however it has real benefits for your health, your purse and the planet! All it takes is a bit of organisation and a lot of passion. We have put together 5 reasons to grow your own food.

1. Money

At first, you may have to spend a bit of money on all the accessories, supplies and seeds, but you will eventually produce enough vegetables to feed your whole family. You will see that your grocery bill will reduce as you start stocking your fridge with fresh vegetables from the garden. If you want to commit to grow your vegetables no matter the seasons and weather, you can invest in a green house or a sturdy polytunnel, you can even find professionals that will install one for you such as Premier Polytunnels.

2. Health

Eating fresh vegetables and fruits is one of the best things one can do for your health. Indeed, fresh vegetables will be at their best in terms of vitamins and nutrients, it won’t be washed over and over, stored for weeks or treated with chemicals. Actually, research shows that those who eat fruits and vegetables are less likely to have chronic diseases such as cancers or stokes.

Harvesting and taking care of your garden is also a great way to keep fit. Pulling, digging, bending, stretching, you would be surprised how many calories you are burning while gardening! It’s also great for reducing your stress levels and anxiety. A garden and a vegetable patch can give you a great sense of harmony.

3. Environment

Growing our own food helps the environment in some many ways. Firstly, it allows you to reduce your carbon emission and waste. Unfortunately, by buying food in a supermarket, we are promoting the production of carbon emissions associated with transporting these foods across the country or even the globe.

By having your own vegetable patch or your greenhouse, you are reducing waste from food packaging. Gardening helps prevent soil erosion, protects the water quality of ground water and saves energy.

4. Education

Obesity is a problem in most developed countries and that’s why growing your vegetables could literally be a life-line for your kids’ health… A child’s nutrition is essential because it helps them grow strong and healthy, but it also sets an example for them as they grow into an adult. They are more likely to carry on eating “junk food” if that is what they have been given most of their lives.

5. Taste

Fresh fruits and vegetables taste just amazing. For example, homegrown sweetcorn loses 30% of its sweetness within the first day of being harvested. That’s just an example of how much is lost by buying vegetables from a supermarket. Moreover, growing your own vegetables allows you to take care every step of the way, you also have the time to nourish the soil properly and to select special varieties that will bear beautiful and tasty produce.