Usually, people don’t even think about the importance of clean H2O. It is one of the most neglected resources, and yet it is essential for our whole existence. Don’t even get me started on health issues that could arise from drinking dirty and contaminated liquid. The reason we don’t give this life liquid a thought is because our city water is usually clean and healthy enough. Here’s a useful source that shows how sometimes it might not be clean and healthy enough.

There are people working hard on making H2O safe and drinkable and it goes through several stages of purification before reaching our taps. That raises an important question. If it is already being purified, are city water filtration systems really necessary? Let me answer this as straightforwardly as possible. Yes, they are necessary, and now you will learn why.

Clean City Water Is Not That Clean After All

It’s true that tap water is the most regulated source of this liquid, but it is also true that it still contains chemicals that aren’t really healthy for you. There are chemicals that you don’t even know existed, but you definitely don’t want to consume them. The reason for their existence is nobody’s fault exactly. You cannot blame municipal purifying systems since they usually do a great job.

No matter how great a job they do, however, certain impurities are bound to remain. Some of those might not be that dangerous, but others could pose a threat to your health. This depends on the chemicals that might remain untreated, but also on your overall health condition. In any case, I am sure that you don’t want to risk your health by ingesting potentially contaminated liquids.

What I am trying to say is that, although city water is subject to rigorous treatment methods, it is still not, and can probably never be, perfectly clean. That’s the reason why you need to install city water filtration systems in your homes. That is, if you want to make sure that you are perfectly safe and protected and that the H2O you are drinking is safe.

Bottled Water Is Not A Good Solution

When people hear about all the contaminants that might attack the H2O that comes out of their taps, they usually assume that turning to bottled water is the perfect solution. Instead of installing filtration systems, they opt for spending their money and buying bottled liquids. The truth is, this is probably the worst solution you can think of.

Just think about it for a moment. Is there any possible way for you to know what it is inside the bottles and what it is that you are drinking? Of course, you can read the labels and everything, but let us be perfectly honest here. Do you really expect manufacturers to tell you that there is a possibility of their product being contaminated and unsafe?

Nobody in their right mind would tell you this, since they all want to sell their products. If you have convinced yourself that bottled water is treated better than the tap one, then you are wrong in most cases. I can’t speak for every single product, but these usually don’t go through such a rigorous purifying process.

This lack of control over bottled water is only one of the reasons why it isn’t in any way safer than the one you can pour from your tap. There are other health concerns connected to it, starting from the packages it comes in. If you are skeptical, don’t take my word for it and do some research of your own about this.

You can start by reading this:

Filters Are A Permanent, Cost-Effective Solution

Finally, there’s another important reason why investing in filtration systems is the best thing you can do for your health and safety. In addition to providing you with a permanent source of clean and safe water, these systems also take care of your wallet. In other words, they give you a long-term solution which allows you to cut your expenses by not buying those bottled products anymore. In my opinion, finding a permanent solution is always better than going for a temporary one.