When people think of Valencia, what typically comes to mind is a stunning Spanish city that boasts beautiful beaches and architecture. Being Spain’s third largest city, it also has a really good education variety including numerous colleges and universities. When students look to study abroad, they take into account a lot of factors which will include the country demographics, cost and the range of courses available.

Valencia has a great reputation in terms of history and culture, but is also modern in terms of the transportation and technology available. If you’re thinking of studying abroad, below are some of the key reasons why Valencia is growing in popularity for students.

You Can Live in Luxury

One of the things that students may be apprehensive about is the type of student accommodation that will be available in their chosen city. If you are not familiar with Valencia, heading onto the internet and just selecting a flat based on price could be a little bit risky. That is exactly why companies such as Collegiate are so popular amongst students.

Collegiate has a range of luxury apartments that are specifically built for students looking to live in the city. If you take a look at their offerings, you’ll see that the suites themselves are luxurious and extremely spacious. Whilst the rooms are beautiful, Collegiate stand out for everything else they offer in the price. Rather than having to pay to use a local gym, cinema or pool, they offer this to all those living on site. In reality it sounds more like a luxurious hotel than an apartment!

Transportation Links

To get to Valencia, you can fly to their international airport but when in the city and you want to get around, you’ll find trains, buses and trams that will take you exactly where you need to go. However by far the most common method to travel small distances in the city is by bike. Don’t worry if you don’t have your own as they operate a really simple and effective bike hire scheme where you can pick up a bike in a lot of common locations. If you want to get a train to somewhere like Madrid, they have a very reliable, frequent service.

City Culture / Entertainment

The city of Valencia has a lot of history and culture and a lot the buildings are hundreds of years old. If you like museums and gallery’s then there are a few in this city. Every year (in March) the festival of Valencia will take place for 5 days. This festival has almost 300 years old and people from all over Spain travel there to take part and enjoy the fun.

There is a lot of typical Spanish restaurants and bars in the city but there are also a large amount of European cuisine restaurants. One thing is for sure, whether it is culture and arts or bars and clubs you are looking for – Valencia has it all (along with good weather!).