If you’ve ever been to the detergents section of a supermarket, you’ll have noticed the massive array of colourfully displayed cleaning products on the shelves. The packaging of the detergents, to say the least, is impeccable, and they are marketed as a solution to all our cleaning woes.

However, before falling prey to these marketing gimmicks, you should ascertain the ingredients used during the manufacture of these products. Typically, most detergent manufacturing companies use a mixture of very harsh chemicals to produce fast and effective cleaning solutions. Research has shown that the chemicals found in conventional detergents contain harmful substances that can cause eye and skin irritation to those who come into contact with them.

Moreover, chemical waste from conventional cleaners, when released into the environment, can be very harmful to flora and fauna.

It is therefore essential to use eco-friendly cleaning products because they make a significant difference in the following ways:

They are safe for the environment

Eco-friendly cleaning products are very effective in dissolving and cleaning the grease from your dishes, without having a destructive influence on the environment. While chemical detergents also perform a superb job when washing dishes, they release very toxic chemicals into the environment, which can cause a lot of damage to Mother Nature.

They protect your circulatory system

Household cleaners or detergents can easily permeate your skin surface and affect your circulatory system. Since the skin is the largest organ of the human body, any chemicals that come into contact with it can be hazardous and can significantly affect your bodily functions. So, if you want to protect your health and that of your family, you should consider using eco-friendly cleaning products.

They are less harsh on the skin

Unlike dish soap and other ingredients that use harsh chemicals, environmentally-friendly cleaning products may use glycerine, which is an emollient that has softening benefits for your skin. With such an eco-friendly ingredient, you’ll forget about cracked hands associated with using dish soap.

Suitable for those with allergies

If you or a family member have an allergy to certain chemicals, using chemical detergents can increase your chances of experiencing an allergic reaction. Therefore, environmentally-friendly chemical detergents can be the panacea to your problems, because they are free from fragrances and chemicals.

They improve air quality

Eco-friendly cleaning products improve the quality of the air and significantly reduce several health issues. These products can provide relief from skin ailments, headaches, nausea, respiratory irritation, and even cancer.

They benefit the Earth

An eco-friendly cleaning solution dramatically reduces the negative impact caused by poor sanitation on the environment. Specifically, it decreases ozone depletion, air pollution and global climate change. Moreover, by using eco-friendly cleaning practices, habits such as recycling will become more common because eco-friendly cleaning reduces the excessive wastage of raw materials.

They reduce overall costs

Once you factor in the benefits of environmentally-friendly cleaning on your energy bills and the prevention of medical expenses, you’ll concur that it is much cheaper than conventional cleaning products.

Eliminate indoor pollution

Most homes suffer from in-house pollution because of, among other things, the chemicals in the detergents you use. The conventional cleaners in your house play a significant role in increasing exposure to toxic chemicals, especially during winter, when your doors and windows remain shut. However, if you use eco-friendly detergents, you can avoid this entirely.

Conclusively, the bottom line is that by choosing to use any kind of eco-friendly product, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the long run, conserving the environment, and protecting your health and that of your family.