Sleeping more is one of those phrases like, eating healthier, exercising regularly, etc. We all know we should do it, but somehow there is always a perfect excuse for not doing it today or tomorrow. It is always just another episode of your favorite TV show, only one more drink at a bar, a few more minutes on Instagram, and before you know it, it is already 2 AM, and you have to be up at 7 AM.

Sometimes we all have to function on low sleep, but in the long run, that is not good for our health. So, it is not like being all grumpy with dark undereye circles is the worst thing that could happen. Sleep deprivation is a serious issue, and it can trigger many severe diseases and disorders. So, the sooner you start sleeping more, the quicker you will notice the benefits of a regular bedtime routine. And to inspire you to finally take that step, here is our list of reasons why sleeping more is better.

It Is a Mood Booster

If you are not a happy morning person, serving smiles all around the office, that is not because you did not drink coffee this morning, but because you have not slept enough. Forget about energy drinks, caffeine, and start sleeping. On average, an adult person needs ideally 8 or 9 hours of sleep every night. When was the last time you slept that much?

While we are sleeping, our brain is processing all our emotions, so when we cut down on sleep time, our mind does not always react well; hence, we tend to have more negative emotions and reactions after a sleepless night. Chronic sleep deprivation increases the risk of mood disorder, depression, and anxiety. Getting enough sleep will help you kick off your day on a positive note.

It Sharpens Our Brain

How many times did you make a wrong choice just because you were tired, or out of focus? This is particularly important for students because they believe that pulling an all-nighter the night before an exam is going to help them pass the test. Wrong, it’s going to confuse you, make you forget things, ruin your concentration, etc.

Our mind is not clear after a night of poor sleep, because during sleep, the brain is processing all the memories and information from the previous day. When there is not enough sleep, our brain cannot properly store all the memories, so we cannot pull them out the minute when we need them.

It Helps With Athletic Performance

Athletes are just like regular people, they all sometimes like to go out late, eat unhealthily, but, when the big approaches, they all sleep like babies, as much as possible. All sports require a lot of energy, focus, physical and mental strength, and athletes know that sleep is the perfect source of them.

Also, during sleep, our muscles are recovering, there is a huge release of hormones and revitalizing processes going on, it is like our body is recovering and healing from the previous day. That is why sleep is essential for athletic performance, but also because it will put you in the right mood and motivate you to push even more.

It Keeps Your Food Cravings at Control

Do you know what the best way to stop your late-night binge-eating is? To go sleep! Many people who stay up late and deal with insomnia struggle with the urge to snack or eat high-carb food late at night, which causes them to be overweight. The consequences of eating such food so late, reflect onto the next day, you do not have proper breakfast, or you skip it entirely, you have a late lunch, etc.

Overall, it messes up with your entire eating schedule, and there is nothing healthy about it. But when you do sleep properly, you wake up early and eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at an appropriate time, so it also helps you balance your eating habits and keeps them healthy.

It Is Good for The Immune System

Our immune system is more fragile than we assume, and there are a lot of cell-restoring processes that are going on in our body while we are sleeping. Less sleep means that our body will produce fewer molecules that are fighting against inflammations.

So, sleep is basically building up our immune system and boosting it to fight with viruses more effectively. It also helps you recover faster, like if you caught a cold, or you have an inflammation, you can feel better overnight, but only if you were sleeping the entire time.

It Balances Your Blood Sugar Level

It is essential to keep your blood sugar level under control because otherwise, insufficient sleep can lead to diabetes. Getting enough sleep on a regular basis can help you achieve that because during sleep, our body releases a hormone called insulin. Insulin reduces the sugar in the blood by assisting cells in absorbing glucose.

Our body transforms carbs from food into glucose, which is a sugar that serves as a source of energy. Usually, during the night, there is a surge in our blood sugar level, so we need insulin to regulate that surge. A lack of sleep and poor sleep can decrease insulin sensitivity significantly, so we need sleep more than anything to stay healthy.


Perhaps you are not an athletic person, but for all the other reasons, you need sleep. And it is not like we have a choice, we have to sleep anyway, so then why wouldn’t we do it the right way? Instead of fragmented, short, poor sleep, why would not we sleep for 8 or 9 hours? Is it possible that we do not have that time?

Maybe it is time to set priorities in our life. If health and happiness are high on your list, you cannot achieve them without having a proper rest every night. So today, when we have so many young people and even adolescents who are struggling with insomnia and poor sleeping habits, it is essential to constantly speak about all the benefits of sleep for our wellbeing and health.