A Virtual Private Network, or VPN, allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet. It lets you connect to the Internet anonymously and privately. By using a combination of data encapsulation, encryption, and IP masking, a VPN enables you to make a concealed tunnel that is virtually impossible for advertisers, search engines, and websites to track you.

A VPN depends on a VPN client and a VPN server to build a secure connection for you. Primarily, you need to install the client on your device, and when the link is already accepted, an encrypted tunnel will be created between the server and the client. VPNs are becoming more popular nowadays, but there are still several people who are not aware of what this service can offer. So here are a few of the essential reasons to use one.

Enhanced Security

VPN offers a lot of excellent benefits when it comes to increasing privacy and online security when using the Internet. It is strongly advisable to use a VPN when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network to mask your data and actual location and be encrypted against the hackers’ eyes and potential intruders. Without a VPN, your internet service provider will know your entire browsing activities and history.

People should also take note of the fact that they can create a VPN without a firewall, but it is not recommended. It is said that where a VPN is present, a firewall is also present. A VPN without a firewall is useless as its encrypting feature will not function completely. There’s nothing to worry about as there is also a lot of firewall freeware being offered all over the Internet.

Remote Access

For companies, the excellent advantage of having a VPN is that all the necessary information can be accessed remotely, even at the comfort of your own home, without even the need to go to a specific place. It generally increases productivity within a company.

This feature allows individual users to connect to a network from a remote location using a desktop computer or iOS and Android devices that are connected to the Internet. Therefore, it allows the workers to connect from public Wi-Fi or their home networks.

Prevent Speed Throttling

ISP or Internet Service Providers are always in the game to make more money, and one way to profit is to control your internet speed when connecting to specific sites, mostly streaming services such as Netflix. Since streaming services take up a lot of bandwidth, ISPs want to keep their networks clear. This means that you will watch your videos and shows load more often.

Using a VPN will hide your online activities, so ISPs will not see that you are streaming videos. This means more chances of your bandwidth not being throttled, in turn providing you a smoother streaming experience and browsing. There may be a lot of factors why ISPs throttle bandwidths, but one thing is certain: using a VPN will help you sway around it.

Reduce Cost

VPN service providers always tend to show and offer different packages. You have the option to choose the best subscription package that will fit your immediate needs. There are a lot of affordable and reliable VPN service providers that have financially friendly subscriptions, and you can take advantage of this. Also, since online companies recognize you through IP addresses, the prices of their offer will be based on your physical location. However, by altering your IP address with the help of a VPN, you can defeat the system by virtually appearing in the system.

Bypass Restriction

Geographical restrictions and borders do not only apply physically, as they are also applied online. For example, you are only allowed to stream a particular site from a specific location. Using VPN cannot only let you access a video you’ve wanted to see, but it also allows you to access the more sensitive and most relevant content.

By using a VPN in connecting to a restricted location, it will virtually show that your IP address is from an area they allow and will then let your VPN service to bypass all kinds of geographical limitations to provide you highest internet coverage.


The Internet may improve our lives daily, but it is not perfect and still needs comprehensive support from service providers. Nowadays, VPN is becoming even more and more popular as it caters to and answers most of the netizens’ issues in accessing the Internet.

The anonymity and encryption that a VPN gives help users protect their online activities such as paying bills, online purchasing, and even sending emails. It makes browsing the Internet safer and faster. Here’s the best part. Everything else about your Internet experience stays virtually the same.
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