Look around. Touch screens are everywhere. At this point, it seems impossible to imagine a world without touch screens. We are dependent on them that even the mere idea of using keyboards to perform our daily tasks sounds so hectic. Have you wondered why do love them so much and what makes them so much dependent on them?

The answer lies in the field of Human Computer Interaction (HCI). In simple words, HCI is the study of making the interaction between both the user and the computer simple and easy. The invention of touch screens is one of the finest examples of the use of HCI to enhance the experience of the users.

Here’s how HCI makes us love touch screens so much:

Quick Accommodation for Your Commands

It is the digital age. We expect everything to happen as quickly as we command it. Touch screens fulfill this criterion well on point. People don’t like waiting for the command to run so that they can push the next key on the board. Instead, they expect to do everything with a mere touch, and touch screens provide them with the opportunity. Hence, giving incredible popularity to the touch screens in the world of technology.

Obviously, They Are Easy to Use

HCI has made the use of the use of touch screen simple and easy. Even toddlers and senior citizens who struggle to make themselves familiar with new tech are using them conveniently. It is the reason that self- order kiosks have become so popular because they cater to the needs of physically challenged and older people very efficiently.

Increased User Accuracy

When you talk about user accuracy of the device, it means that it should be accessible and easy to use for all types of uses regardless of their abilities and disabilities. HCI focuses on this very thing, and hence, now we have touch screens that even visually impaired people can use easily.

The Principle of Instant Rewards

Another best thing about the touch screens is that you can easily accessorize them with technologies like Bluetooth and Beacons. It can provide a personalized experience and offer discount codes that are very easy to avail. Sure, the touch screen has taken “quick purchase” to the next level.

The Uncanny Durability

You use your smartphones all day long in all types of weather conditions. But have you wondered what makes them all that dirt and dust? Especially, the touch screens that are placed in public places? It’s their durability that makes us like them so much, and it is another feature that was added after extensive research in HCI to enhance the user experience.


The increased use of touch screens has opened new ways for UX designers to express their talents to make the technology even better. The goal of HCI and UX designing to make this technology even more user-friendly and overcome the few limitations that are yet to be conquered. Adobe XD experts say about the future, “HCI practitioners now need to think about every digital product in a holistic way and even more focus on the needs and wants of end-users”.