Children are sent to school for many years. In fact, they are legally required to be at school from the age of 5-6 until they are between 15-17, depending on the state they live in.

While school is intended to be a place where children learn and establish the characteristics they need for success in life, for many the experience is simply boring. To help ensure your child is getting the best possible opportunities you need to be aware of what causes the boredom and how to remedy it.

It can help to work with the school, whether you are looking at early learning Chatswood or the last years of college.

The good news is that most children are bored for specific reasons. Knowing what they are means you can do something about it.

Lessons too long

Children generally have short attention spans. This is because there are so many fascinating things to learn about and discover, especially when they are younger.

The effect of this is that they switch off partway through a lesson. It’s not saying that they are actually bored, simply that their mind has wandered. The fact is that the lesson is too long and teachers need to break information up into smaller chunks with frequent re-focusing breaks.

You will be surprised by how much difference this makes.


Young children are easily distracted by other children, things going on outside the window, and other activities. Even older children can be distracted because they are dealing with peer issues, family problems, and an array of other issues that are part and parcel of growing up.

In short, they are distracted and this comes across as bored in class.

No interest in the subject

Perhaps the most obvious reason why children are bored is that they are doing a compulsory subject and have no interest in the subject. It can be a complete lack of interest or a failure to see why the subject is relevant today or in the future.

Whatever the reason, it is hard to stay focused if you have no interest in the subject!

Too Easy

Another problem that is often overlooked is when a subject is simply too easy. Some students simply absorb what is being said and don’t need any extra help. They are then bored when you are going over the topic again and again for the benefit of the other children. You’ll find this is when students play up and start disrupting the rest of the class.

The best way to avoid this issue is to be aware of when students have mastered a specific topic and have extra exercises lined up for them. As long as they are being challenged they will find it much harder to be bored.

That’s the bottom line, a teacher needs to know their students and monitor them. This will help you to identify why a student is bored and make it much easier to remedy the situation.