With 2018 now fast approaching, it’s a good time to carefully consider what your resolutions will be for next year. You could decide to make one of those resolutions spending money on a new roof.

Now, at this point, you may be wondering whether you truly need to make that move. However, looking closely at your current roof could, to your surprise, uncover good reasons to do so. Below, we detail good examples of such reasons.

Your roof might be older than you realise

Do you know how old your roof is? If it is an asphalt shingle one that has exceeded two decades in age, then next year could be just the right time to get it replaced, as that kind of roof is expected to last for 20 to 30 years.

You might be tempted to delay a replacement should that roof continue to look good from a distance. However, in this situation, age could still be adversely affecting the roof.

Shingles may have started curling

If there’s an upward turn to the edges of some of your shingles, then you have the problem of cupping, as described by Good Housekeeping. The site also details clawing, where the edges remain flat but the middle has started rising.

In either situation, weathering would be at fault. Furthermore, the issue would indicate that your roof may soon start leaking. If the curling is major, a new roof may be needed in just a year.

Have you found granules in your gutters?

There’s nothing strange about this happening after an asphalt shingle roof has just been installed, as those granules would simply be loose, additional ones. However, if the roof is actually 10 or 15 years old, you should deem those granules a sign that the roof’s quality is about to sharply decline.

On a roof, the granules would usually serve the purpose of helping prevent sun affecting the asphalt. However, without the granules, the shingles will bake to ultimately adverse effect.

Can you see moss or algae on those shingles?

If so, don’t panic too much, as the practicality of your roof isn’t under threat. The moss or algae is only affecting the roof’s look and nothing else. However, you might still dislike your roof’s rather inadvertent visual makeover – in which case, having the roof replaced could be worthwhile.

You shouldn’t, however, consider yourself to have the option of scraping away or power washing that green stuff. Acting on that option would damage the roof and its functionality.

Are there cracks in various shingles?

If you can only discern cracks in a few shingles, then replacing them is an option. However, should those cracks be more widespread and randomly located, this indicates that you ought to consider a new roof.

Cracked shingles can occur due to wind, which can be common in areas such as North East England. Fortunately, Findley Roofing & Building has Durham roofing contractors who can help local people address problems that have emerged with their roofs.