Being open to change is a good thing, especially if it means improving the overall functionality of your plumbing system. Pipes are essential to building efficient plumbing, but once it gets old due to clogs and leaks, their integrity also becomes questionable. While most pipes can last for more than a decade, the lack of routine cleaning or maintenance can shorten their life expectancy. If you are fond of using drain cleaners, you can also cause your pipes to become damaged because of the presence of chemicals in these cleaners. A Frisco plumber can make some recommendations and one of which is replacing your old pipes when you always encounter plumbing problems.

Old Pipes Are Prone To All Sorts Of Damage

You use your plumbing system on a daily basis. Frequent usage can decrease the efficiency of your pipes. Whether you wash dishes, take a shower or go to the bathroom, there are objects and debris that go into the pipes. You cannot always keep track of the objects being flushed down the pipes. The fact that you cannot see them make you often forget that your pipes are taking a significant amount of damage every day. Damage occurs due to the following reasons:

Tree Roots – Trees need to grow and they thrive in areas where oxygen, water and nutrients are present. Your plumbing system is a likely candidate for roots to grow and thrive. Although trees are nice to look at when added to your landscape, they can also pose some problems when left unmonitored. Tree roots can be a source of the problem if they grow uncontrollably. They can cause contamination to the water and cracks if they work their way into your plumbing system. Once they puncture your piping, the problem can lead to a sewer backup.

Debris Buildup – There are different types of objects that can get stuck in your pipes. Soap scum, hair, food scraps and who-knows-what-else. With constant buildup from these items, your pipes can have clogging problems which are the cause of unpleasant odors.

Earthquakes – If you live in a place prone to earthquakes, it is important to keep your pipes protected. Frequent shifts on the ground can bend or crush your pipes.

As you do not see these problems, even if they have long been present, things can get worse over time. Although pipes are located undreground and you can still use them, it does not necessarily mean that they are working perfectly fine. A plumbing service which involves a pipe inspection can detect hidden problems. With the use of proper equipment, plumbing issues that are hiding in plain sight can be easily spotted.

There are homes built before the ’90s that still have outdated piping. Due to safety issues, the use of these old materials have been banned in some states. You can use an inspection and replacement service if you also have these old pipes. Old pipes may contain toxic chemicals that can be dangerous to one’s health when ingested. There are three types of outdated pipes that you should be aware of:

Polybutylene – This type of pipe is used as a substitute for traditional copper piping. It is a widely-used material because it is easy to install and much cheaper than other types of pipe. However, Polybutylene is known to be defective because it does not meet US building codes. If your residential or commercial property contains polybutylene pipes, you should immediately replace them.

Lead – Lead is considered as the oldest metal used for plumbing systems. It can be found in water main lines and sewers. Unfortunately, lead pipes are not ideal for use because it is known to be highly toxic, which can cause memory loss, irritability, gastrointestinal pain and developmental problems in children. When the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1986 was passed, the use of lead was totally banned.

Galvanized – This type of pipe is made from iron and also coated with zinc. While it can also last 60 years, constant use of pipes can erode the layers of zinc, which leads to clogging.

You may not be fully aware of the age of your piping. Scheduling a professional inspection service with Lex’s Plumbing can help you identify whether or not there is underground problem with your plumbing system. A team of experienced professionals will tackle the problem with your outdated or old piping for an affordable price.