The concept of enjoying some CBD during your day is something only pretty recently acceptable in western society; even just a few years ago, you would have been considered some kind of deviant for daring to use any kind of Cannabinoid, especially in public.

However, thanks to recent legislative efforts and a whole lot of campaigning throughout the USA, the user of CBD has become something pretty ordinary, as well as being generally encouraged so as to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, there is still one big problem with trying to enjoy CBD – the extremely distinctive taste.

But why does CBD taste so noticeable and just like weed?

What is the Base Test of CBD? And Why Does It Taste Like Weed?

When most people first try CBD, it is likely that they expect the flavor to be generally pleasant, or otherwise something worth enjoying. However, the actual taste of CBD is best described as an acquired test, mainly because it tastes both acrid and bitter.

The reason for this uniquely mouth-puckering flavor is because of the inherent bitterness of cannabinoids. Despite the myriad of flavor profiles and unique combinations available when you smoke marijuana, pure best CBD oil, which is the most common method of imbibing CBD, is nothing more than extracted cannabidiol.

Cannabinoids and the human tongue simply do not mesh well together, causing a distinctly unpleasant sensation in your mouth when you first taste it.

However, that doesn’t stop people from enjoying it themselves; for many people, it becomes an acquired taste that gradually gets more enjoyable the more frequently you use it, like whiskey or cigars. This might seem strange to those that have experienced the frankly foul taste of CBD before, but it would appear that humankind is able to find anything enjoyable if they try hard enough.

The reason why CBD tastes pretty much the same as Weed is because of the fact that Weed has the very same flavor when you strip away all of the terpenes. This is, once again, the base flavor of cannabinoids when it hits the tongue – however, marijuana has far more interesting flavor profiles thanks to each individual strains’ unique genetics producing their own flavor notes.

This means that CBD oil tastes exactly the same as weed, only without the interesting parts that make it actually enjoyable to taste. So, other than gradually adapting to the flavor of CBD, your only real method of being able not to gag whenever you try CBD is to try and mask the taste.

So, how do you mask the taste of CBD oil?

1. Add Some Terpenes

As mentioned, terpenes are the flavor compounds that make marijuana enjoyable; however, these terpenes are not something that is unique to the genetic makeup of marijuana; they are actually within all plants.

Terpenes are the compounds produced by all manner of plant life, originally evolved so as to be able to deter pests and insects from biting into the plant. However, these Terpenes also have the added benefit of tasting really good to our human palates.

This might not be very useful for CBD oil, but you can actually find all manner of different Terpenes that can be added to your CBD oil. These terpenes are derived from many different types of marijuana strains, allowing you to not only choose what flavor profiles you want within your CBD oil, but also very easily add it to whatever you want.

The main problem with choosing this option is the fact that terpenes will only add an additional flavor onto the base taste of the CBD, but not totally replace or remove the acridity. This makes it a pretty good option for those that just want a little bit more flavor, but still, want to keep that CBD flavor that you have grown to enjoy.

If, though, you want to try and completely remove any trace of the CBD taste, there are a few methods you can try as well.

2. Don’t Breath Through Your Mouth

When you try and take in a little bit of CBD oil, it is most likely that you will instinctively breathe in through your mouth when you go to swallow it. This is an ingrained reaction, something that we do so as to increase the oxygen concentration on our tongues and make it easier to taste when we are about to swallow.

However, if the thing that we are about to taste is particularly disgusting, then the added oxygen is only going to make the intense flavor worse. So, one of the things that you can do to minimize this is to avoid breathing in through your mouth whatsoever.

Instead, when imbibing CBD only breathe through your nose, making sure not to allow any oxygen to pass over your tongue. This means that you will not notice the flavor of CBD as significantly, making it a whole lot easier to avoid immediately gagging as soon as that CBD oil touches your tongue.

If you don’t want to look like an extremely strange monster holding your mouth shut and deeply inhaling through your nose, then you need to try something a bit different to avoid the flavor of CBD.

3. Immediately Eat Something Sweet

One of the tried and true methods of getting rid of an unpleasant flavor is to immediately eat something that tastes far better than the bitter flavor of CBD.

So, as soon as you imbibe some CBD oil, straight away get something sweet to eat and replace the bitter flavor that is likely lingering unpleasantly on your tongue.

This works whether you eat something after the fact, or take the CBD oil at the same time as the CBD oil. So, if you can find something small, sweet, and easy to put on your tongue, then you can easily avoid the majority of the bitter flavor.

You can also combine this with the previous tip and breath only through your tongue so as to make it a bit more pleasant.

If nothing sweet seems to work, then you can also try and dull your taste buds entirely beforehand.

4. Brush Your Teeth and Swirl Some Mouthwash Right Before Taking CBD Oil

As anyone that has had to make a choice between brushing their teeth in the morning and enjoying their breakfast will know, when you brush your teeth it becomes remarkably difficult to try and taste anything that touches your tongue.

This can also be useful for those trying to get rid of the taste of CBD oil, as you can simply brush your teeth and swirl some mouthwash just before taking your CBD oil.

This makes it so that your taste buds become overwhelmed with the minty flavor profile of your toothpaste and mouthwash, eventually making you completely tasteless.

This only lasts for a little while, however, so you need to take your CBD oil pretty much immediately after you have brushed your teeth.

This can prove pretty annoying if you want to try and take your CBD oil while out and about, but you could always keep a travel-sized bottle of mouthwash on hand to try and dull your tongue just before taking it.

Additionally, there is one final step to avoid having to taste the uncomfortable acridity of CBD.

5. Try a Different Method of Imbibing CBD

Although this method might seem pretty counterintuitive, one of the very best ways to avoid the flavor of CBD oil is to find an entirely different way of imbibing CBD altogether.

This means either finding some CBD gummies, which are flavored with different flavors so as to make them palatable or finding some CBD-rich marijuana to smoke and get CBD within you much more easily.

This allows you to enjoy the individual terpene flavor profile of the marijuana, without having to imbibe any of the THC that is usually inherent to different marijuana strains intended for recreational use.

While this doesn’t help those insistent on imbibing CBD oil, this is easily the best way to avoid the harsh flavor of CBD altogether.

Final Thoughts on Why Does CBD Taste Like Weed and How to Mask the Taste

Trying to enjoy your CBD oil likely seems like a far off possibility among regular CBD users; although you do get used to it after a while of repeated use, it is generally acknowledged that it is always going to be a terrible flavor experience.

However, with just a few tips and tricks, you can easily enjoy the flavor of your CBD, without having to deal with that instant sensation of lip-curling uncomfortability that accompanies the sensation of putting pure CBD on your tongue.

And, if you really don’t want to use any cheats to make the flavor better, you can always simply keep using it until you get used to it and become one of those hardened CBD users that considers it an acquired, pleasant taste.

At least then, you’d have plentiful bragging rights.