Every stage of life is different, and things wouldn’t be very exciting if that wasn’t the case. Aged care represents another key stage in our lives, one that should be looked forward to for a number of reasons. There are few lifestyles that provide the same enrichment and amenities like aged care, not to mention the possibility of making new friends and trying new things within a new community-led home. If you have already made your mind up about aged care, let’s re-educate that perception and appreciate why aged care is a step forward, not a step back.

Social interaction and a full lifestyle

Whether you live alone or with your partner, aged care offers an incredibly colourful social experience that keeps its residents entertaining morning, noon and night. You can expect religious services, offsite excursions, festive meals and craft sessions as part of the itinerary. And that’s before you schedule in family visits. Beyond these special experiences, you also form a bond with the other individuals who you spend your days with, contributing to one another’s lives and building friendships built on trust and camaraderie. This means that whether you are considering community care, residential care or a retirement village – social interaction and a full lifestyle is part of the promise.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all

If you are imagining aged care as one particular format, you aren’t seeing it for the custom offering it truly is. The fact is, aged care can be whatever you wish it to be, with the option to scale up or down on your level of care if and when you choose to. Community care might appeal to you in the way it’s structured, or you might instead want your own unit in a retirement village. There are some who start with respite care following some time in the hospital and decide that either of the former options works best for their needs. Have a frank discussion with a few of the best providers in your area, as well as your family, and explore all options. Whatever you choose, freedom of choice is always yours.

Fine amenities and services

Now it goes without saying that whatever aged care option you choose, quality food is always on the menu with compliments from a culinary team, but let’s get to know the other amenities and services you can get excited about. Getting to doctor’s appointments, filling prescriptions and getting haircuts are pesky but important tasks that are managed by the carers you share your home or centre with. You can also expect to have your laundry done, and even some household chores that you may not be up to doing. This way, you can spend your time on family visits and social engagements within the community instead.

The carers themselves

Amongst all the excitement of choosing a room, taking in the landscape and figuring out what sort of recreational experiences are on offer – the carers can be an afterthought. Now they won’t be for long, as aged carers are the centre of the experience, with their compassion and empathy enriching the lives of those around them. Creating fun and meaningful relationships with your diverse carers is an understated benefit of aged care and one that your family members will also value as they get to know the friendly faces who spend time with and look after you and your community.

If you are looking out onto new horizons, there is a lot to be excited by, with a custom option out there that is going to be perfect for you and your needs. Start your education process today and learn about the benefits of each option, and start to get a sense of which aged care providers are operating in your area and visit them to take a guided tour.