We’re so quick to demand our full 7-8 hours, spouting the countless benefits of a good night’s sleep. Then when it comes to the discussion around a mattress upgrade – we’re less confident that it’s what we so badly need. If your sleep is something you value, then having a quality mattress is going to be the most important tool to make that happen.

Physical health implications

A slumber on an uncomfortable bed will give you a pretty good indication of the physical impacts of a bad night’s sleep. The discomfort, the aches, and the general lethargy that follows a bad night’s sleep is not worth it. It also has the potential to be a lot more harmful than you think. An unsuitable mattress will contribute to back and neck pain, and could even make you sick with any dust mites or bacteria that may be living inside your old mattress. When you seek safety and quality, buy a mattress online, to invest in your physical health.

Mental health benefits

For many of us, life travels at a fast pace. In the digital age we are always on, and those sacred moments before we close our eyes each night are usually spent scrolling through our phones. This is why your mattress needs to step up and give you the best possible resting time so that you can face the next day. A lack of sleep can impact your mental health, heightening your emotions and increasing your irritability.

There are four stages of the REM cycle (rapid eye movement), each a different layer of sleep that gives you a deeper rest. The final, and most valuable, stage of your REM cycle is the stage which can only be reached if you have remained restful for a longer period of time. Waking up from this stage will make you feel rejuvenated and ready to awake, whereas awakening from the other stages will make you feel weary. How you wake up has a direct affect on your mood, so give your mind the best chance at a balanced day.

One size doesn’t fit all

With anything related to your health and wellbeing – one size rarely fits all. The same is said of your mattress. If your mattress was handed down or bought by someone who is not you, you could be sleeping on something that is not compatible with your comfort need and unique body type. Comfort issues aside for a moment, you should never buy a mattress second hand as it comes with the burdens and bacterias of its former owner.

Tall or short, slim or stocky – there is a mattress that is best suited to you. When you go for a mattress upgrade, make sure you sample the new one so you are aware of what you’re investing in. Be mindful of mattresses that are too soft – which may seem like a hard concept. Sometimes those impossibly soft hotel-esqe mattresses are a dream for a few nights, but then fail to give the support in the long run.

Warranty inclusions

Having a good mattress is more important than you think when you start to consider things like longevity and return on investment. That’s where a warranty comes in to support you. If your current mattress is out of warranty, it could mean that your mattress no longer works in its sole function – giving you a restful and healthy sleep. Mattress warranties will cover manufacturing faults, such as sagging pockets and inconsistent volume. Ask about the warranty period and conditions when you invest in your next mattress.

Too many of us are failing to have a great night’s sleep. Sure, there are devices and commitments that contribute to those weary days – but the buck should stop with your mattress. Don’t deny yourself a restful sleep, and invest in a mattress that will take care of your physical and mental health.