A bachelorette party is one of the most exciting things that happen before the wedding. It gives the bride a chance to relax and enjoy her last days as a ‘single’ woman. Usually, it’s the maid of honor that organizes the hen party – it’s in her hands to decide on whether the bridal party will relax on a beach, explore a new city or see Magic Men male strippers. However, before she can decide on the activities, she has to make a tough choice of where she should take the bride for one of her last days of freedom.

If you are the one responsible for organizing the hen party, and you have no clue as to where you should go, don’t worry as you’re not alone. To put you and others out of misery, here is a guide on where you should take the bride for her bachelorette party.

Before You Start Making Any Decision

When choosing the destination for the bachelorette party, remember that it’s all about the bride. After all, a hen night symbolizes the end of her ‘single’ life. So, before you make any decisions think about those things:

  • Would she prefer to relax, go to a club or maybe go somewhere to sightsee?
  • Is there any climate that she loves or hates?
  • How many days off can she take?
  • Is anyone from the bridal party (including the bride) on a tight budget?
  • Is she willing to fly?

Having the answers to those questions can really help you in narrowing down the list of potential destinations. However, if you’re still not sure about the location, here are some of the most popular destinations for a bachelorette party.

For a Party Girl – Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas is the perfect place for a bride-to-be who loves to party. There’s a reason why so many people choose it as the location of their hen night. Apart from several strip clubs and casinos, you can find there a ton of luxury hotels, live music everywhere, great clubs, and so many places to eat that you won’t know what to do with yourself. Since the bachelorette party happens only once for the soon-to-be wife, why not spend it in the ‘sin city’?

For a Wine-Lover – Sonoma, USA

If the bride-to-be is a wine-lover, she is bound to enjoy this destination. After all, there are more than 400 wineries in the city. What’s more, you can find several hotels on vineyard properties, which means that the furthest you’ll have to go to find a bottle of wine is downstairs. Sonoma is perfect for a relaxed weekend spent on drinking and reminiscing about the good old days.

For a Foodie – Mexico City, Mexico

This is a perfect place for a bride that loves to eat. After all, Mexico City is one of the best food cities in the world. And apart from stuffing yourself with all the street food and tacos, there are many other things that you can do there. The city is full of art, culture, and fashion. Start your day by exploring the public market swarming with tropical produce and colorful candied fruits. Explore the city and head to the Frida Kahlo Museum. End your day by going to one of the bars.

For an Adventure-Seeker – Reykjavik, Iceland

If the bride is always up for some kind of adventure, she is definitely going to enjoy this destination. Apart from exploring the beautiful city of Reykjavik, you can explore the attractions that are close-by, such as Blue Lagoon, the Golden Circle, the Seljalandloss waterfall, or one of the black beaches. If the bridal party is as adventurous as the bride, you can try walking into an active volcano, going whale watching in the Old Harbor, or snorkeling in a glacial lake.

For a Beach-Lover – Tulum, Mexico

Located only an hour from the Cancun International Airport, Tulum is a beach town that stole the hearts of many models, influencers, and artists. The best part? There’s almost no electricity along the beach strip. Instead, it is full of eco-friendly lodges, yoga studios, juice bars, etc. Spend the day lazing around on a beautiful beach, and head to one of the restaurants for dinner. Finish your evening with some exotic cocktails under the moonlight.

For an Anti-Party Girl – Charleston, USA

If the bride is tired of clubbing, or simply prefers to relax instead of going to a wild party, she will enjoy Charleston. And since the weather is usually very nice, you can spend the day strolling around and exploring the town. King Street is a definite must-see, with antique shops, galleries and chic boutiques. And even though there are no clubs in the city, the cocktail scene definitely makes up for it.

Final Thoughts

Deciding where to take the bride for her bachelorette party is not an easy task. After all, there are so many great destinations that choosing one is hard. The easiest way of doing it is basing the destination on what the bride likes to do, and talking to the bridal party after you have narrowed down the list to a few places.

No matter if you choose one of the places above, or you decide on something completely different, there are only two things left to say – Good Luck and Cheers!