Travelling is not all about the destination. It is also about getting the perfect shot for memories. With the perfect view, you can take amazing pictures and appreciate the beauty of a place. If you are travelling to London, it is best to find the best areas that will offer you breathtaking views and make your journey worthwhile.

London is a big city with many areas for families, solo travellers, friends, and even business people. It is also easy to get short stay apartments in London here and get the perfect view of London city. Here are some of the areas you should pick if you plan to travel to London soon.

Covent Garden

If you enjoy city life, Covent Garden should be your top pick. It is centrally located, and the neighbourhood is very vibrant. The area is excellent for families and solo travellers and offers the perfect view of London’s tall buildings. The Covent Garden will brighten your days in London. You will also get the best restaurants, shops, bars, art and crafts, food, and many other things around the area.

Kings Cross

Kings Cross is one of the best areas to stay in London. If you are a culture lover or a business person, this is the place to be in London. This place has something for everyone and is very lively, especially in the summer, when bars open outdoor terraces. You will also enjoy the great view of green spaces and engage in fun activities, such as golf play and art installation.


Camden is a suitable place for young people. The nightlife in the areas will make you love London, and you will also make friends easily. You will also get the best view of many London universities and enjoy London’s profound culture. Camden is also near Regent’s Park, and here you will get the best experiences in the nature gardens and enjoy your time at the London Zoo.


Bermondsey is also centrally located in London, and it is perfect for first-time travellers who plan to stay in London for a few days. The area is located in the London Borough of Southwark and is a minute away from the famous Tower Bridge, Bermondsey. The Tower offers the best London view and will give you an experience of a lifetime.

Also, if you are a beverage and food enthusiast, try walking on Bermondsey streets. You will find iconic dining and drinking places that will make you appreciate London more.


Angel is a local area that offers cool bars, restaurants, and shops. Also, you will enjoy beautiful sceneries all around you. That is from old narrow streets to characteristics building. Angel has become a favourite destination for solo travellers, families, and couples.

It is the best place to stay if you want to experience life outside the city and still enjoy the beauty of London. The best part is that the area is not far from central London, meaning you can conveniently travel in and out of the Angel.


It is easy to see why many people love to travel to London. The city has many areas to stay in and enjoy the best views in London. Every place has something for everyone, and you won’t fail to enjoy yourself no matter where you choose to stay in London.