Have you heard the latest wonder among rose enthusiasts? Someone has finally found a way to make roses that last a year! Surely you are wondering whether this is a hoax or some joke about plastic roses which have been around for years. But really, fresh roses can now last for a year and these are real Ecuadorian roses that are ever so delicate and beautiful and sweet. Believe it or not, these roses need some tender loving care to make them last 365 days and it is not that much work and you get to enjoy the roses the whole year. It is a sight to behold, beautiful and tender and makes you feel warm and happy, that it would be a delight to give it to someone special or to have it just for yourself. If you are looking for a gift that says “I love you” the whole year, or you simply just love roses, then getting the roses that last a year is your best option.

What Roses Can Last for a Year?

Any rose can actually last for a year if it goes through the process of preservation, however, there are rose varieties that are more suitable for preservation than others. Saaya roses use only Ecuadorian roses since it is large in size, have stable petals and vibrant hues of color that lends itself to preservation very well and the end result feels and looks like fresh cut roses. The roses are hand picked from their rose farm and only the best ones are chosen to go through preservation. All of the work in making these roses last for a year are done by hand and uses eco-friendly practices and materials. Although a modern invention, but enjoying a bouquet of roses for a year is so worth it.

How Do They Make Roses Last for a Year?

The secret to making roses last for a year is a preservation method that involves drying and then rehydrating the flowers. Once the best roses are hand picked from the rose farms, it is cleaned individually to make sure that there are no insects or rotten leaves that could damage the rose petals. After which, the roses are dried in a special and proprietary method but it is just very similar to drying flowers and taking out all the moisture in it. After being completely dried, the roses are then submerged into a secret rehydration mixture until it replaces the sap in the roses. The rehydration process gives the roses the freshly cut look and retains its sweet scent. So basically, you get a real rose that can last for a year. The roses are then placed into specially designed boxes that keeps them fresh and sweet for a year. The roses are not to be taken out of the box as this would damage them, it also should not be covered as it will cut short the life-span of the roses.

Where to Order Roses That Last for a Year?

At present only Saaya Roses offers the roses that last for a year, so if you want to get one for yourself to indulge in or to give it as gifts to special loved ones, then you simply need to head over to Saaya Roses’ online store. From there you can choose which bouquet or arrangement you would want as well as the color and size. The shop offers two sizes, the larger fuller blooms and the mini blooms. The arrangements range from a box of four to 2 dozen or more of cut roses in red, pinks and varying hues of lilac. There is also a single bloom for those times you want to send a gift that is not so ostentatious, or when the budget is tight. But if you want to make a statement, then go for the boxed roses in rounds, hearts and squares. There are also hydrangeas that come in clear boxes if you are more of the sweet and rustic type. Once you have decided on your order, simply put an order and check it out and input your delivery address so that it can be delivered to your doorstep. However, with the pandemic and strict health protocols, there is a bit delay on delivery time and delivery dates cannot be guaranteed as anything can happen to delay the transit of the roses. If you need to have the roses delivered on a specific date, then you need to call the shop for that so they can assist you in what to do.

How To Care For The Roses That Last a Year

After weeks or maybe days of waiting, here it is, your roses have finally arrived! Of course, you want to smell it and enjoy its sight first thing you get it, but there are key steps you need to do to ensure that your roses will last for a year or more. First is to find a place in your home where you can display the roses, box and all. It is very important not to remove the roses from its box as the boxes are what keeps it fresh looking and essential for it to last 365 days or up to three years even. The location should have free flowing air, it should not be damp or too hot and humid as this will all destroy the soft petals. Do not also cover the boxes, use the cover as a stand to elevate the boxes so it can be seen by everyone. The roses will keep looking like it was freshly cut for a long time and no matter what, do not be tempted to water the roses. It does not need any water and any moisture will cause damage to the petals. The roses because they are real roses will have a sweet scent and this will fade over time so enjoy the rose scent while it is still there. As the days pass by, the color of the petals may change but this is a natural occurrence, the roses that last a year will keep you happy for a whole year.