Your sexual orientation or gender identity is definitely not a barrier to becoming a parent through surrogacy. You will quickly discover that there are numerous LGBT-friendly surrogacy options and finding a surrogate for gays is not going to be a problem.

There is a perfect surrogate match available for all prospective would-be parents, it is just a matter of looking in the right place and asking the right questions so that you can turn your parenting dreams into a reality.

Let’s take a look at how finding a surrogate works for gay couples.

What sort of woman offers to be a surrogate mother for gay couples?

The fundamental point to remember about the typical profile of a surrogate mother is that their primary purpose is to provide a child that will make such a huge difference to a couple’s lives.

Many surrogate mothers enjoy the experience of being pregnant and love the intimate bond that is created between them and the prospective couple.

Surrogates always have control over who they choose as intended parents and you will find that there is always a percentage of mothers who specifically want to become a surrogate for a gay couple.

The bottom line is that it will not be a problem for a gay couple to find a surrogate mother who is equally excited at the prospect of providing a child as you are to be a proud parent.

What is the matching process?

You may be wondering if there is a different matching process if you are a gay couple. The simple answer to that question is no. The screening and testing process is exactly the same as if you were a heterosexual couple.

Once the initial screening and testing has been carried out you will proceed to create what is known as an intended parent profile.

This profile will obviously reveal your sexual orientation. That is a minor detail, in reality, and the focus is much more on demonstrating how ready you are to be parents and how dedicated you are to making that dream become a reality.

A prospective surrogate will be looking at your parent profile and once they feel that you could be a good match, you then get the chance to look at her profile to see if both sides seem to be a great match.

Do you get a chance to get to know each other before anything goes ahead?

There will be ample opportunity to get to know your surrogate and talk to each other freely before anything becomes official and the surrogacy process becomes a legal contract.

The matching process is very often far easier and a lot less stressful to complete than you might imagine. Being gay does not complicate the journey or restrict your chances of becoming parents.

You will find that there is a friendly informality to the surrogacy process, especially at the beginning of your journey. Finding a surrogate as a gay couple should not be a problem and if you are really serious about becoming a proud parent, what are you waiting for?