CBD oil is perhaps one of the most popular ways to infuse your day with a healthy CBD burst. There are many reasons why CBD oil tinctures are so many people’s first choice when it comes to CBD. From the level of versatility available with oils to the very simplistic, natural blends on offer, CBD oils are an excellent option for many reasons.

As an increasing number of people look to CBD as an all-natural supplement alternative, the number of CBD brands available has also continued to grow. There are now more CBD oil options than ever before, which, while significant, can also make finding the best and most affordable oils feel a little challenging.

To help you find the perfect CBD oils that deliver both high quality and affordability, all within one tincture, we have put together a list of some of the best options available when shopping online.

1. Provacan – Best for Simplicity

Provacan is one of the leading CBD brands in the UK. It has become extremely popular due to its commitment to providing all-natural CBD solutions. Among the many options available is a range of simplistic yet effective CBD oil tinctures.

Provacan uses just two ingredients – olea europaea (olive oil) and hemp plant extract – to create its CBD oil tinctures. This very minimalist approach to CBD oil tinctures results in a pure and natural oil.

For many people, the flavorings added to CBD oils can be a little too overwhelming, leaving a lingering flavor that can last for hours. Provacan CBD oils have no added flavorings, making them an excellent alternative. Provacan CBD oils instead have a gentle herbal taste that comes from the terpenes and flavonoids found within the hemp plants.

2. Premium Jane – Best for Fun Flavors

Premium Jane has a range of fun, flavored CBD oils that make adding CBD to your daily routine feel more like a treat than a chore. With flavor options such as chocolate, lemon-lime, and citrus, you are sure to find a delicious flavor profile that you love.

Premium Jane places a great deal of importance on delivering quality and, therefore, only uses the very best organic USA grown hemp plants from Kentucky to source their CBD. All of the CBD used by Premium Jane undergoes thorough lab testing to ensure that it conforms to the brand’s high standards.

In order to keep their oils as natural and authentic tasting as possible, Premium Jane only uses natural ingredients to create its CBD oils. A base formula of hemp oil extract, MCT oil, and terpenes are used. Natural flavorings are then added to give each tincture its delicious flavor profile.

All of Premium Jane’s flavored CBD oil tinctures are available in three different concentrations: 300mg, 600mg, and 1000mg so that you can customize your CBD intake to suit your individual needs and preferences.

3. PureKana – Best for Potency

PureKana offers a diverse range of CBD oil tinctures in a mix of different flavors and concentrations. PureKana’s main CBD oil range consists of four flavor options and three standard concentrations.

PureKana has a second range of oils alongside the main range, offering an intense and potent CBD dose. PureKana’s silver oil contains a total of 2500mg of CBD, while its gold oil is packed with a powerful 5000mg of CBD.

Both silver and gold oils have been carefully formulated for those who require an extremely powerful and potent dose of CBD without any added extras. Both tinctures are unflavored, giving you the ability to add them to your favorite recipes or simply use them on their own for a more neutral flavor.

PureKana uses organically grown hemp plants to source its CBD. Through state of the art filtration and lab testing, it can guarantee that each bottle contains no more than 0.3% THC. Full lab reports can be viewed while shopping so that you can see exactly what goes into each bottle before committing to your purchase.

4. Green Roads – Best for Broad-Spectrum CBD

Green Roads is a great place to shop for those who prefer broad-spectrum CBD. Broad-spectrum CBD has many benefits and offers a slightly more refined CBD experience.

Green Roads has several different concentrations and flavor profiles to choose from on the online store. With tasty oils such as apple kiwi and mint, you are sure to find the perfect oil to suit your taste with Green Roads.

All of Green Roads’ CBD oils are made with a vegan-friendly recipe and contain CBD extracted from organically grown USA hemp plants. Green Roads uses independent lab testing to monitor the precise cannabinoid content of its broad-spectrum CBD oils, passing this information onto you so that you know exactly what you are putting into your body.