Homeowners spend hundreds of billions of dollars each year maintaining their homes. The cost to repave driveway is included in the statistics.

Driveways are sturdy designs, often made from concrete. Despite this, they are still susceptible to wear and tear. They are an important aspect of the home, but they take a lot of damage.

Everything from weather to the weight of your cars affects the integrity of your driveway. To keep your home safe and up to code, it’s necessary to repave at some point.

To find out if your driveway needs repaving, check out the guide below.

When to Repave Driveway

If you see minor signs of wear and tear on your driveway, it’s important to address it immediately. Waiting too long can lead to severe damage that’s a lot more costly to fix. Here are some signs that your driveway needs work.

It Needs Lotion

If your driveway is looking way too dry, it’s not a good sign. Cracks in the surface can easily spread and comprise the entire structure.

If you only see a few cracks, you may fix the problem with a simple patch or sealant. If there are far more than a few cracks, it’s time to lie down some new asphalt.

Sometimes, you can lie down new asphalt over the previous one. In other cases, you need to remove all the old asphalt and completely repave. A professional paving solutions company can help guide you.

It’s Gone Through a Lot

Some driveways take a more brutal beating than others. Depending on where you live and the vehicles you drive, your driveway may need to be repaved earlier than others.

Freezing temperatures and direct sunlight can deteriorate your driveway. The heat from the sunlight dries out and breaks down the asphalt. Meanwhile, the constant freezing and thawing in colder climates makes the asphalt swell and retract, damaging it.

If you use your driveway to store heavy machinery or heavy-duty vehicles, your driveway will break down faster. Even children constantly riding their bikes on it can cause wear and tear.

Chemicals (often leaked by machinery and vehicles) can weaken asphalt. These include oil and gasoline.

It Has Potholes

If you regularly reseal your driveway, it protects you from potholes. However, many homeowners haven’t resealed their driveway in years.

If you don’t reseal, water can get trapped beneath the asphalt. This causes potholes and means it’s time to repave.

It’s at the End of Its Life

All driveways have an expiration date. The life of the asphalt can only last for so long.

After about 20 years, your driveway needs repaving. It’s time to have a professional look and make sure it’s not about to crumble away.

Repaving Your Driveway

Do you need to repave driveway? If your driveway fit any of the above criteria, it’s time to hit up your local home improvement store.

Don’t forget to consult a repaving professional before you begin this complicated home improvement project.